Synopsis: Edward encounters his father, Hohenheim, at his mother"s grave, that chides him for burning under their house. The night, Hohenheim asks Pinako around the "thing" his sons transmuted, through Ed listening in secret. The following day, after Hohenheim leaves, Ed and also Pinako destruction up the "thing", and it turns out to no be his mommy after all. This leads Ed to believe he can bring Al earlier from past the "doors". Once Ed returns to Central, he educates Al the his findings. He likewise calls Izumi and also asks around her own experience with human transmutation. As it transforms out, the dead cannot be brought back, regardless of effort. Ed and Al then vow to continue working ~ above a method to restore their bodies.

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I really, yes, really disliked this illustration of the display itself, despite the dub to be suitable. Ns mean, Vic Mignogna... Well, you"ve check out my opinions. He"s really just awful in ~ emoting, and also it reflects here. However other than that, pretty fine done, as much as the dub. It"s simply that the episode itself was so abysmal, particularly after the vault one.

The new voice the Hohenheim is man Swasey, the voice the Gendo Ikari in Rebuild the Evangelion 1.0, Dodoria in Dragon ball (Z) Kai, and Crocodile in One Piece. He was also the voice the the historical figure Karl Haushofer in Fullmetal Alchemist: conqueror of Shamballa. I"ve review a many complaints around his Hohenheim, however personally, i rather prefer it. The takes a cue from his Gendo Ikari, by sounding an extremely detached, but solid enough so that it isn"t completely far off. It sounds an extremely analytical and also has a touch that the remorse you listen in the voice that the Japanese VA because that him. I love Scott McNeil as a voice actor, yet this is a an excellent deal better than his really bored sounding Hohenheim indigenous the an initial series.

There"s one thing I didn"t fairly get around the whole an enig surrounding the not-Trisha. Why would certainly the brothers ever assume it to be Trisha that they remade? A pile of products can"t become a human who is already lived and also died. Also if lock didn"t realize the then, once they grew a little, they should have actually assumed the was the truth. Why would they i think it was yes, really her yet they just made the wrong? much more to the point, the wouldn"t have been any type of relief to me the the point I brought ago wasn"t mine mother, since I would certainly still have actually made an destructive abomination and sacrificed a an excellent price for it.

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I really dislike how, even though they define the things that happened earlier then, they leave the end a lot of why they"re important. Conversely, in the manga, they perform the other excessive by continuous retreading the very same ground over and over again.

And the speech that Alphonse"s at the end, with the cool swell that music... Ugh. Ns don"t think over there was ever before this lot melodrama even in the an initial series. I just wanted Alphonse come shut the posesthe up. That, and also for someone to toss Winry under those hotel stairs. I"m certain they were already disturbing the other hotel guests. I"m surprised among them didn"t stick their head out the door and also say, "Shut up, nobody cares around the fucking fact at two in the morning!"