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By Vegikachu

final Fantasy Tactics advancement GameShark advance Code FAQ variation 1.00 by Vegikachu (Vegikachu FAQ and also the contents herein space meant for personal use only. Please perform notreprint any kind of of the information consisted of in this file without my permission. It can be quite complicated to do these codes so I'll be able to tell if someone makes a copy of among my codes.************************************* Table the Contents*************************************Section 1: OverviewSection 2: HistorySection 3: DisclaimerSection 4: The codes A: American version 1. Grasp Code 2. Hero password 3. Misc password (AP, Money, Laws) 4. Item password B: Japanese Version

See more: Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Codes ? Connecting To Friends and I'll resolve it. Likewise make certain that the version you input room the exactly one. Most of the Japanese codes won't workon the American game and also vice-versa.There will certainly be part repeating that myself till I have actually the time come re-do thelayout my FAQ to do for less repeat codes.One much more thing, if you are trying to use my codes on an emulator you re welcome notethat you have to delete the an are between the codes in order because that them come work.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* American Version*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*These password are produced the American variation of the game. They will not workon the Japanese version. Right currently I have not make every code for the USversion the I made for the Japanese version, however expect updates an extremely soon.Have fun.------------------------------------- ***Master Code***-------------------------------------EA995F78 808AC7FC15354346 20E97650------------------------------------- Hero Codes-------------------------------------572905DE EC7804A2 - quick Lvl UpD0D63EAA FD4C724B - infinite HP 6D9304A8 EA65A137 - Max HP 2E36CA0F FD9DBA83 - infinite MP B7A2F308 8FED41F5 - Max MP 81896D8C 0E6A9641 - Max Atk CFFFFA54 E4B44369 - Max Def 25951A24 700B3CC1 - Max Magic E5371E6A CBDD640D - Max Magic Def246D67A5 0BB62FB6 - Max Speed08CC7EC3 88E0AB87 - 99 JP DF6B8F86 10AC5192 - 0 Red Cards E090637D 5157C565 - 0 Yellow Cards D3C3D32C 6FB077AA - double Sword capacity Mastered------------------------------------- Misc Codes-------------------------------------0F15D58C 599AE862 - 99,999,999 Gold1B738B5A C228D50B - 10,000 yellow after fight (For slow cheating)24A23942 E3EE12C3 - 1000 AP after battle74A54696 E9ACD1CA - No regulations (Both must be entered)FCE6740A 33EDE7F8------------------------------------- article Codes-------------------------------------For thin simplicity I collection this code to replace the an initial item, i beg your pardon is probably very early weapon or item, F7403F2D 445E3C21 - 99 Nosadas (to discover the 2 Swords Ability)*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Japanese Version*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*These codes are made for the Japanese version of the game. They will not workon the American version. The factor I'm maintaining these codes in here is becauseI recognize alot of world imported the video game (like myself) and I'm sure there aresome who could not want to get the American release for some factor or anotherso I'll store these codes available. However keep in mind that these password mostlikely will certainly NOT work-related on the American version.------------------------------------- ***Master Code***-------------------------------------EA995F78 808AC7FC79071784 FC82C150------------------------------------- Hero Codes-------------------------------------572905DE EC7804A2 - quick Lvl UpD0D63EAA FD4C724B - infinite HP 6D9304A8 EA65A137 - Max HP 2E36CA0F FD9DBA83 - unlimited MP B7A2F308 8FED41F5 - Max MP 81896D8C 0E6A9641 - Max Atk CFFFFA54 E4B44369 - Max Def 25951A24 700B3CC1 - Max Magic E5371E6A CBDD640D - Max Magic Def246D67A5 0BB62FB6 - Max speed 08CC7EC3 88E0AB87 - 99 JP DF6B8F86 10AC5192 - 0 Red Cards E090637D 5157C565 - 0 Yellow Cards D3C3D32C 6FB077AA - have the "Two Swords" capability Mastered------------------------------------- second Player Codes-------------------------------------E13D45CF 338AE33C - quick Lvl Up52DD5F20 9EF80661 - unlimited HP 33CCFAE8 66ECEE3F - Max HP 57C47F83 B25D45C7 - limitless MP E9F6E6C1 49ACC4BD - Max MP 57BFFB4A 8031EC57 - Max Atk 2C13424D 46A7635F - Max Def EF25C724 6D6FCA87 - Max Magic D4FE5A01 5D2ED450 - Max Magic Def23FD87F7 B14CB071 - Max speed 04899BCD 2D203394 - 99 JP E4C127F2 01CB3EDE - 0 Red Cards58AE7DC8 E6B46E3D - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- third Player Codes-------------------------------------BB90E226 9CE87CD8 - fast Lvl Up5F464537 631684EE - limitless HP ACB0581C F5B39DCF - Max HP 7D08770A D73B5483 - limitless MP 9839C76E 8EBE6F36 - Max MP 83890218 41AEDC51 - Max Atk D02D2AA7 46B6BD2F - Max Def 9E47920F 753DAF80 - Max Magic 4208A4F0 7A247DBD - Max Magic DefF218A3AD F8102A2A - Max speed BA53257A F6177497 - 99 JP 662FB1AE B11A44A9 - 0 Red CardsB5EE072B 9434B492 - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- fourth Player Codes-------------------------------------5E470844 4D192636 - quick Lvl UpD6EC0F9D 51CE2C5E - boundless HP 93A22E4E 835039BA - Max HP BC3D9C12 E3EEC473 - limitless MP CCEA99F6 5C4358C6 - Max MP FFBDA19E 6C67A56D - Max Atk BB2472A3 9B9CBE8C - Max Def 0ADACA93 870FE6FA - Max Magic 17155811 6381FD6D - Max Magic DefF5BA1B76 2DF97516 - Max speed BC27754E E18EE448 - 99 JP F8C66295 20626921 - 0 Red Cards5971E192 5D3BDCFC - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- fifth Player Codes-------------------------------------03A5C065 A83DB225 - quick Lvl UpFA6C0BD3 28778AB9 - boundless HP FD73144F 91026FA2 - Max HP 0985A5B7 4E7E7FCC - infinite MP 6C4CEB2B CFFF49E4 - Max MP 84DBAB59 292D5924 - Max Atk DCC593F5 7D38C1D8 - Max Def 20D63436 D2BAF976 - Max Magic 2E29DCA1 366C1358 - Max Magic DefB6B3BDF2 0CE6DBB7 - Max speed 66C0BBC4 F2FDAEF1 - 99 JP 4CEA5333 6341E279 - 0 Red CardsE694EC3B 132BD9DD - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- 6th Player Codes-------------------------------------417BC3FF 04638D06 - quick Lvl Up7E077D0D B8FF7FEB - infinite HP 79B942CD 1BE90D17 - Max HP 4483A4A5 CC3BECFE - unlimited MP 6431F719 F343C895 - Max MP 33523762 03C7DBEE - Max Atk 1BD288F6 ACB913BA - Max Def 7F68E366 A6148A6A - Max Magic C4A8645F C899EE67 - Max Magic Def94C05CEF 6133AFDD - Max rate 103FEF8C 6566FBC6 - 99 JP F421D65F 5F544A69 - 0 Red Cards1B601B5B 17ABA2A4 - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- 7th Player Codes-------------------------------------6EB23408 EFF23D84 - fast Lvl UpDF34BDDB F4836B8E - limitless HP A559ECCF 26C85563 - Max HP DD6E6775 BFEBA241 - boundless MP 69F814E8 6C7D6868 - Max MP 9AB6B01D 31227195 - Max Atk 4E289AE2 5F634606 - Max Def 15C80D46 1F2A4CDB - Max Magic D48CE33F 69774237 - Max Magic Def9E4DFFD0 752C961A - Max speed EFE13ED1 737BAF66 - 99 JP 16817C5D 59EA1D34 - 0 Red CardsF6205828 73D6DCE4 - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- 8 hours Player Codes-------------------------------------DCBF031D BB3C47FC - quick Lvl UpECF23D40 3C053C2A - unlimited HP DD674CC0 E2D7A158 - Max HP 3AD8DD78 CC86A3A9 - infinite MP 1C4622FD 858F0ECE - Max MP 365E3CAD 903CB855 - Max Atk 46605F7F ED7E656E - Max Def 5457B5A1 1117989A - Max Magic 71049352 32DDC61D - Max Magic Def15C35EF0 4338037A - Max rate 6FB026FA 39A040EC - 99 JP 3C84C25A 07A42719 - 0 Red Cards6F207FD8 852A3705 - 0 Yellow Cards------------------------------------- Misc Codes-------------------------------------96675F6D 75E31393 - 99,999,999 Gold7891B036 F6C1D349 - 10,000 gold after fight (For slow cheating)1B0E6463 4B52B64D - 500 AP ~ battle973C586E 0165F7EF - No legislations (Both need to be entered)9155CA90 9918AD31------------------------------------- item Codes-------------------------------------For thin simplicity I set this password to change the an initial item, which is probably an early weapon or item, F7403F2D 445E3C21 - 99 Nosadas (to learn the two Swords Ability)************************************* ar 5: Thanks*************************************I need to thank AstroBlue for making together a great FAQ, i wouldn't understand a N'Moufrom a Banga without his FAQ. I likewise wouldn't know any type of names for theweapons and abilities there is no his FAQs, which will certainly be added eventually.Thanks come Hironori Taniguchi because that noticing the speed code didn't work.I must additionally thank for always being there for me in mine time ofneed :-P