Lois death Stewie (2)
Season 6, illustration 6
Airdate November 11, 2007
Production Number 5ACX18
Written by Steve Callaghan
Directed by Greg Colton
← 6x05Stewie kills Lois (1)6x07 →Padre de Familia
Family Guy — Season Six

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Lois death Stewie (2) is the sixth episode the the 6th season of family Guy, and the one hundred fourth episode overall.

This illustration marks the second of a two-part illustration centering on Stewie"s arrangement to death Lois, which was assumed to have been effective until ~ Peter is implicated because that the murder, Lois reveals it s her to it is in alive and also she fingering Stewie together her would-be assailant. The second part focuses top top Stewie complying with through with his ultimate score of world domination, forcing Brian to serve as his lackey.

Starring:Seth MacFarlane (Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Tom Tucker, Stan Smith, Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin), Seth eco-friendly (Chris Griffin), Mila Kunis (Meg Griffin), Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown)

Also Starring:Paula Abdul (Herself), Dave watercraft (), Alex Breckenridge (), Simon Cowell (Himself), note Hentemann (), Randy Jackson (Himself), Phil LaMarr (Ollie Williams), Danny blacksmith (), Patrick Stewart (Avery Bullock), Alec Sulkin (), man Viener (), Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), Adam West (Mayor Adam West)


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Plot Overview

Picking up whereby "Stewie death Lois" left off, Lois defines what had happened to her. After being shot and falling overboard, she awoke ~ above a beach experiencing from amnesia. She started a partnership with a guy named Derek, however this doesn"t critical after she learns that he is a white supremacist; after among Derek"s cohorts throws a party at tolerance-preaching Lois, the blow restores her memory and she rushed back to Quahog, where - apparently upon finding out that she had actually been asserted dead and also Peter to be on psychological in connection with her "slaying" - she reveals the truth. As she finishes she story, Stewie had actually apparently escaped the courtroom.

Joe begins a massive, yet not successful manhunt for Stewie. Yet Stewie, together the Griffins will easily realize, has actually been hiding out at home, pointing his device gun in ~ the family. Understanding that his crime and maliciousness are no longer a an enig to the Griffins, Stewie ties his household up and also viciously insults and bullies them. As soon as Cleveland comes over because that a visit, Stewie shoots that dead! for this reason he can obtain away through this murder, that ties the family to chairs and forces Brian in ~ gunpoint to drive him come the CIA Headquarters; Brian speak Stewie the will ultimately be caught, but Stewie reminds him the he is in no position to argue.

Meanwhile, the Griffins break free and find Stewie"s room for clues as to where Stewie is going, yet stumble top top his mystery arsenal of weapons and also other gadgets instead. At the CIA Headquarters, Stewie hacks into the supercomputer and gaisn control of the Earth"s strength grid. Stan Smith and Avery Bullock (from "American Dad!") effort to intervene yet when Stewie displayed his powers, they give into his demands to become "President of the World." Stewie - who uses the White house as his house base - speak the world of his demands, comes up through such inane regulations as banning direct-to-video Disney films and also forcing Hillary Swank to usage her breasts to it is provided the world"s milk needs. Lois has actually enough and - realizing what she have to do - arms herself with various weapons native Stewie"s reserve, climate (after informing Peter dinner is in the oven) vow to confront Stewie once and for all.

Just as a artist is finishing Stewie"s official portrait (and Stewie is admiring it), Lois crashes v the Oval Office home window and starts their brutal deathmatch. The fight is long and drawn out, filled with gunplay, knife-fighting, hand-to-hand combat and also explosions. It appears Lois has actually won the battle, and also when Stewie urges his mom to kill him, she offers in to she maternal instincts and also realizes she deserve to never death her own baby. Yet Stewie transforms the tables and also wants to death Lois. Just as he is around to pull the cause (again), the is shot. Together an astonished Stewie realizes he has actually been fatally wounded, the gunman is revealed to it is in ... Peter, who exclaims the random line, "It"s just been revoked!" ~ Stewie drops unconscious, Lois asks Peter to explain, Peter says in confusion, "I"ll have what she"s having!" In the burning Oval Office, Peter and also Lois was standing over Stewie"s mangled corpse and comfort each other silently and also brokenheartedly over the fatality of their son.

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The indigenous "SIMULATION OVER" suddenly pop increase on the screen. The events from the previous two episodes were in reality a computer simulation, as Stewie defines to Brian ... And also they detailed what would happen if Stewie were to lug out his plan. Stewie claims his plans to kill Lois and also take over the human being will need to wait - for now. He and Brian then talk about how someone who would "theoretically" watch every the occasions from the simulation would be uncomfortable to discover none that it to be real, prior to the episode cuts Stewie turn off in mid-sentence as he is finishing his thought.


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