about As She"s Walking away

"As She"s walking Away" is a tune performed through the Zac Brown Band, an American country music band. It attributes guest vocals native veteran nation singer Alan Jackson. The tune is the sixth single release by the band, and the first from that is album You get What you Give. It winner the Grammy award for finest Country cooperation with Vocals in ~ the 53rd Grammy Awards, and also is the second Grammy for both the band and also Jackson overall.

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We never spoke a wordBut every thought she had actually I heard from throughout the roomIf we were standing face to faceI couldn"t uncover the words come sayGive me one more moveI don"t even know her nameI guess foolish pride"s come blameNow I"m fall in love as she"s go awayAnd my heart won"t tell mine mind come tell mine mouth what it have to sayMay have actually lost this battle, live come fight an additional dayNow I"m fall in loveAs she"s walking awayWise male next to me did say"Bout the one that got awaySon i missed mine chanceDon"t friend let regret take placeOf the dreams you need to chaseAsk her to dance, walk on sonYou could fall under on her faceRoll the dice and have some faithAnd don"t it is in falling in love as she"s go awayWhen her heart won"t tell her mind come tell your mouth what it should sayMay have lost this battle, live to fight another dayDon"t it is in falling in loveAs she"s go awayYou could fall under on her faceRoll the dice and have some faithAnd don"t be falling in love together she"s wade awayWhen your heart won"t tell your mind come tell her mouth what it need to sayMay have lost this battle, live come fight an additional dayDon"t be falling, falling, fallout’s in loveAs she"s walking away

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Alan Jackson Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American country music singer, recognized for blending timeless honky tonk and also mainstream nation sounds and also penning many of his very own hits. He has actually recorded 14 studio albums, three best Hits albums, 2 Christmas albums, one Gospel album and several compilations, every on the Arista Nashville label. An ext than 50 that his singles have appeared on Billboard"s perform of the "Top 30 country Songs". The Jackson"s entries, 35 were number-one hits, through 50 in the optimal 10. He is the recipient of 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and also nominee the multiple various other awards. That is a member the the grand Ole Opry, and was inducted right into the Georgia Music room of fame in 2001.

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Jackson has actually sold more than 60 million documents worldwide. An ext »