Recently, i was connected in a conversation and also said something to the effect of:

"I didn"t eat breakfast this morning. I didn"t eat dinner critical night either".

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A. Is this grammar correct? and also if so,B. Why? (Why wouldn"t us say "I didn"t eat dinner last night neither")

It certainly "sounds correct" to me to use "either", however I don"t know (gramatically) why.




Beyond their function as correlative conjunctions in either/or, neither/nor, both either and also neither can function as pronouns:

Cooperation in between these two cultures of biomedical study is the just hope because that clinical and basic biomedical science, and also neither can exist without the other, contradictory to what either might wish. — Bradley P. Fuhrman, Jerry J. Zimmerman, Pediatric crucial Care E-Book, 2011, 51.

Both deserve to modify noun — and also even the pronoun one — prefer adjectives:

Although neither worker observed the FC rules worrying face masks, the medical histories point versus any link between the problem of either worker and also any exposure to 2,4.5-T . Current status of certified dealer Orange Studies, 1981.

Morgan had tiny faith in either one. “Neither one of them has actually a clue about what"s around to happen. Doc, ns don"t care what it takes. I have to stay.” — man Martin Recovery, 2010, 254.

In conventional, however, just either can role as one adverb, an interpretation ‘also, as well, come the exact same degree’ v a preceding negative expression. It comes in clause-final position:

This stance, the admits, suggests that people could, in principle, no really live aesthetically, however yet not live ethically either. — Robert L. Perkins, ed., International Kierkegaard Commentary: Either/or, component 2, 2003, 160.

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In non-standard dialect or colloquial speech the permits twin negation, neither deserve to be supplied in the same fashion:

“Mama states she don"t require her unsecured brothers, so us don"t, neither.” — Marilyn Pappano, Undercover in Copper Lake, 2014, 61.