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Genre: Fighting, 3D Fighting Developer: Atari gamings Publisher: Atari ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: November 6, 2008

The best & easiest way to beat Syn Shenron is to store using this combo: square, square, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle. If your health and wellness is still at 3 bars, go to the warriors room & purchase "Fighters Body" in the ability section as numerous times together you can. Likewise buy the "Senzu Bean" 4 times. Purchase the senzu p 4 time will enable you to heal 4 bars of health and wellness & ki if you host x and press down twice. Check out this very closely to understand. Ns hope I can help. Enjoy!

In Dragon Mission, struggle Hercule through Android #18on hard. Gain in corner and let Hercule punch youout because that 39,000 zeni.

When her at warriors Training or Dragon Duel, choosr Syn Shenron, then usage Dragon Thunder (Back-Circle), yet after you push Backwards and you push cirlcle, automatically hold circle and before you execute you have to transform into Omega Shenron (of course) and also while your holding one you"ll see a bunch that thunder and/or lightning swirling around Omega, then if girlfriend let walk or acquire hit or blasted through a ki blast it"ll walk away and usually thats not what you want but you have the right to keep doing and after you organize circle, release the circle button and also the thunder will certainly go on like nothing happened. It"s freakin" awesome friend really have to shot it!

Pick everyone in dragon duel, warrior training, or any kind of combat mission, therefore what you perform is when your on the ground, execute a backwards dash and hold the up arrowhead on the directional pad or host the analog stick upward, or if your currently in the air, perform the same thing, but instead of stop up, hold down and also you"ll go right ago to the ground.

Go come fighter road gain the black color skill many diffilculty and buy it then buy super kamamaha for teenager gohan and get We acquired The Power.

Unlock fighters road and also in the an initial page as soon as you go to pan make certain that challenge z is unlocked. Pat as teenager gohan acquire a relocate contentent ki blass. And keep doing it.

To easily defeat someone all yo have to to execute is this, an initial fill up her kai.Then when someone is around to struggle you, push X best (or left - try both) then hitsquare, square square, square. After that, sirloin then push R2. And Finally theyshould it is in weak and also use kamehameha. And that will be it. Or fill up your kai baragain and use your special).

Go to the majin buu saga execute the mission together 18 put the game on z and also go to ability select and also put we gained to power on max first and unlock z setting first.

To record bubbles (king kai monkey) you have to no to be he"s going. It might take as much as a minute to carry out this. Well this is 2 tactics. The very first is to run behind him straight then once he transforms jump rite in prior of wee he"s going. The 2nd one is to shot to trap him. This one isn"t all the easy. Shot to trap him through the tree ot any kind of other thing that could block a psycho monkey running through kai absorbing bananas. Lol try it!

To make your super throw an effective grab your opponent with the super throw buttons. ~ you have done for this reason spin the analog pole as quick as you can. If done correctly you will see the player you room playing v will move faster, and also throw much more kai! (or relying on the character hits). . And to height it every off, if you have actually ssj4 goku or some other an effective character that takes up about a feet gauge and a half.

Go to cell saga and also go to the mission whereby you find for a dragonball as soon as you happen look at at your dragonball scall in ~ the reduced left corner of your display screen then you"ll see another dragonball the wasn"t there appear!

If you want your strength to it is in stronger, go to the warrior room and also go come buyskills, climate look increase under the red capsule and upgrade that particular power skill.Hint: if you want your strike strength to bestrong purchase the ultimate strength capsule and keepupgrading it till it is maxed out and also you willsee the results.

On dragon mission struggle 3 battles then buyfighters body and also viral heart an illness and friedrice. Climate beating dragon mission will be easyonce friend equip them.

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To unlock the characters just pass Dragon Missionand to buy the characters capsules top top the DragonRoom. You can pass the Dragon Mission completelyand then buy the characters or just little bylittle.