Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by James Roland on January 22, 2021

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It’s natural for hair to loss out. But if you’ve ever pulled the end a hair and found what you think is her follicle in ~ the end, you might be wonder if it’ll ever grow back.

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According come the American Academy of skiership Association, her body contains about 5 million hair follicles, including around 100,000 on her scalp alone.

At any type of given time, most of those hair follicles are difficult at occupational growing new hairs to change your old hairs the will ultimately fall out.

This is good to understand if girlfriend worry around pulling a hair the end at your follicle. Hair will typically grow back unless it comes from a follicle that has stopped developing hair.

This could be indigenous a condition connected with getting older or a response to a medical problem or treatment.

Why the fine if you think girlfriend pulled the end a hair follicle

If you pull out a hair by your root, you’re no actually pulling out your follicle. What you check out at the bottom of your hair strand is your hair bulb.

Your hair follicle is actually the housing for her hair bulb and hair itself. It’s a permanent component of her skin.

A hair follicle is a tube-like framework in your epidermis, i m sorry is her skin’s outer layer.

At the basic of her follicle is her hair bulb, i beg your pardon is surrounding by nerve fibers. This nerves permit you come sense as soon as your hair is relocating or gift touched.

Each hair follicle is additionally attached to a sebaceous gland, i beg your pardon produces one oily substance called sebum. Sebum moisturizes and conditions your hair and adjacent skin.

After passing along your sebaceous gland, a hair strand emerges v the surface of her skin.

Pulling the end hair by her root may damage your follicle temporarily, however a brand-new bulb will ultimately form, and new hair will flourish again v that follicle.

According to the TLC structure for Body-Focused recurring Behaviors, it may take a couple of months or an ext than a year in some cases.

But even if traction hair doesn’t look choose it’s going come grow earlier at first, it normally returns looking just as that did before.

The timeline because that hair come regrow isn’t constantly predictable. If pulling the end a hair doesn’t damage your follicle, standard development should occur.

Eyelashes and also eyebrows have actually a growth phase of around 1 come 6 months.Hair elsewhere on her body has actually a development cycle of around 3 to 6 months.

Stages the hair growth

The development cycle for any type of hair type can be damaged down into 4 stages:

Anagen. The anagen stage is the longest one. In ~ this stage, your scalp hairs grow for years.Catagen. It’s likewise called the transition phase. The starts once the anagen phase ends. Her hair stop growing and separates from her hair bulb in her follicle.Telegen. at this stage, her hair stops farming without falling out. It’s referred to as the relaxing phase, but brand-new hairs type at the bottom of your follicles.Exogen. The exogen might be component of the telegen phase. It’s called the shedding stage since old hairs fall out as brand-new ones prepare to emerge.

Repeated damage to hair follicle might slow hair growth

In cases of trichotillomania — a condition in which a person commonly pulls out hair from their scalp or in other places on your body and also feels powerless to avoid — the repeated damage to your hair follicle deserve to slow hair growth.

If a follicle has actually been damaged, it may take 2 to 4 years for brand-new hair to thrive back.

Untreated trichotillomania may reason permanent damage

If trichotillomania goes untreated because that years, the can an outcome in permanent damage to a hair follicle. The damage may be so extreme, the future hair development may be an overwhelming or also impossible indigenous an injured follicle.

As a result, one individual may be left with tiny patches of skin where hair must grow, or there is no eyelashes or eyebrows if those to be hairs targeted because that pulling.

Preventing trichotillomania

Certain develops of therapy and psychological counseling might be most efficient in treating trichotillomania and also preventing more hair loss.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is technique that helps a person replace unrealistic and harmful thoughts through realistic and positive thoughts that may help readjust behaviors.

Sometimes having an ingrown hair can reason someone to shot pulling it out. An ingrown hair is a hair the curls ago in after that pokes with your skin, often leading to an infection.

It is also one the several causes of folliculitis, one inflammation the one or more hair follicles.

There are number of treatments because that ingrown hairs and folliculitis. However pulling the end your hair by hand or with tweezers deserve to raise risks of complications and further infection.

Ingrown hairs often tend to take place in areas that are:

shavedtweezed waxed

Avoiding those methods may aid keep ingrown hair from forming. If that’s no realistic, keep in mind the adhering to when shaving:

Clean your skin with warmth water and also a mild cleanser.Use a lubricating cream or gel on her skin and leave it there because that a couple of minutes prior to shaving. This will certainly soften your hair and make your skin an ext pliable.Use a sharp razor. A dull razor might pull at your skin and irritate it.Rinse the tongue frequently.Rinse your skin and apply a moisturizing lotion once you’re finished.

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After waxing, apply a warm compress to your skin to aid draw the end ingrown hairs. Put on loose-fitting clothes may also assist reduce skin irritation.

If you’re tempted to pull your hair, try to odor yourself v something rather that needs the use of her hands. Friend may additionally redirect your habit and also halt the urge to pull your hair by: