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Wolves room mysterious and extremely intimidating creatures thatroam the open up wilderness and hunt other pets for food. Because foxes aresmaller animals that live in the very same habitat, you can be wondering if foxesever come to be prey for the wolves.

Do wolf eat foxes? Usually no, yet sometimes, yes! While both pets are hunters, the wolf is a larger and also stealthier animal than a fox and it can easily overpower a fox in the right situation. Wolves execute not prefer to hunt foxes as prey, yet if the problems are right, they will certainly eat foxes to continue to be alive.


The remarkable events that open minded in the vast wilderness space often exceptionally captivating but also hard for united state as humans to comprehend.

While we reap seeing pets live with each other in harmony, the reality is, in nature, one animal’s actions are based solely on your primal instincts. The watch harsh nature of wolves and also foxes come from your desire come survive.

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What carry out Wolves Eat?

Wolves room carnivores which method they should eat large amounts the protein to survive. Their protein originates from meat and also the just meat the a wolf can gain is from various other animals.

Wolves rank in ~ the height of the food chain in the forest due to the fact that while lock hunt other animals, no animal hunts wolves. They regularly hunt together in packs, unlike two foxes who have tendency to hunt alone.

Typically, wolves naturally like come hunt bigger hooved animals like moose, elk, and also deer. If bigger food is no available, wolves will certainly eat whatever animals they can find including rabbits and beavers in an effort to keep themselves and also their fill alive.


If a human populace lives near a wolf habitat, wolf may endeavor onto farms and eat livestock if they are hungry enough. Wolves perform not hunt humans and it is exceptionally rare for wolf strikes on world to occur, but it is constantly safer to save your distance. They will assault anything that provides them feel threatened, even huge grizzly bears.  (source)

Why do Wolves occasionally Eat Foxes?

Although a wolf typically doesn’t desire to eat a fox, they will under the best circumstances. If a wolf is starving and a fox is their only viable option, climate a fox might then come to be a dinner option.

Foxes space fast and also can hide easily, however they are regularly no match versus a wolf.

Wolves will also attack a fox if they catch the fox scavenging ~ above an animal they have killed. A wolf will not only safeguard its den indigenous a near roaming fox, yet it will also defend any kind of food it has actually killed for its very own pack.

In this situations, wolf can assault a fox, occasionally fatally, and also they might or might not select to eat castle afterward. (source)

Why nothing Wolves Eat two foxes Normally?


Wolves favor to eat hooved animals like deer and also moose, when foxes favor to hunt smaller prey.

This way that the two pets do not hunt the very same prey, for this reason they usually execute not cross courses or find themselves contending for the very same food.

A fox carcass also does not administer the amount of meat prefer a deer or moose does. Wolves hunt to not only feed themselves but their load as well, so they would much rather discover a bigger hooved animal than waste their time chasing a tiny fox.

Will a Fox ever before Eat a Wolf?

Foxes perform not eat wolves due to the fact that they instinctively recognize that they cannot victory in a fight versus a wolf. Unless a wolf is hurt in some way, a healthy fox will certainly not even attempt come hunt a wolf and also eat them.

A wolf would have to be usually dead and also the fox would have to be starving to even endeavor near a wolf, even if it appears injured.

They understand that if over there is one wolf, there are much more nearby. At any time a fox even smells or look at a wolf, they will most most likely head in the other direction come avoid also the remote possibility of one altercation.

Are Wolves and Foxes Related?

Actually, yes! No, foxes execute not descend native wolves, yet wolves, foxes, domestic dogs and coyotes every belong to the Canidae family members of animals. The gray wolf ranks in ~ the height of the list together the largest canid animal.

The Fennec fox, a tiny biology that usually just weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, is the smallest ranking member the the canid family.

So, in a way, wolves are pertained to the fox. Both pets are predators and also enjoy searching their food, although foxes have tendency to go for the smaller, much more vulnerable prey. (source)

What do Foxes Eat?


Foxes choose to eat a variety of tiny prey and can wreak havoc on a backyard chicken farm. Foxes are omnivores, therefore they eat a combination of plants and also animals.

They gain eating mice and also other rodents, and rabbits, chickens, and birds. They are usually no enhance for a dog or adult cat, but they have been recognized to eat kittens or puppies.

Foxes space scavengers and also will eat on the dead dead body of pets that wolves and also other predatory animals eat, i beg your pardon can gain them right into a the majority of trouble.

Foxes like to hunt little prey not just due to the fact that they are much easier to death but also because castle are much easier to carry back to the den.

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Foxes choose to acquire their prey, carry it home and also hide the in their den, far from various other predators. (source)

What animals like to Eat Foxes?

Coyotes, wolves, bears, and mountain lions are the main predators that foxes yet typically they do not hunt foxes for food purposes.

Most often, foxes are killed by pets that lock intentionally, or unintentionally, contend with for food.

If foxes are hunted as prey, that is usually when they room still young, which method they are simpler to grab and also carry off. Wolves and also coyotes have actually been known to raid a fox den if they are desperate because that food. (source)

Final Thoughts

If the problems are right, it is possible for a wolf to eat a fox, however usually, lock don’t stroked nerves them. Uneven a fox comes as well close to a wolf den or tries to eat their kill, wolf usually stay away indigenous foxes.

However, if a wolf fill is desperate for food and also a fox is the just choice, is it possible, albeit rare, because that a wolf to kill a fox strictly because that food purposes. When survival is at hand, something is feasible in the wilderness.