What Is an Imperforate Anus?

An imperforate anus happens when the anus is lacking or doesn"t have a hole. The anus is the muscle ring that lets a person hold poop inside, then release it later during a bowel movement (BM). Imperforate anus is a kind of bear defect dubbed an anal malformation. This way that the anus and rectum don"t type in the normal way. Anal malformations have various effects in boys and also girls.

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A infant born v an imperforate anus has difficulties with:

the anal opening, whereby poop pipeline the human body the rectum, the ar of huge intestine over the anus the nerves the tell the body once it"s time to have a BM

This way the baby has trouble having actually normal BMs.

What causes an Imperforate Anus?

Doctors don"t know specifically what causes an imperforate anus (im-PER-fer-it AY-nus).

A baby"s digestive tract forms throughout early pregnancy. After ~ birth, whatever a baby eats that"s not soaked up by the digestive tract turns into poop (feces or stool). Then it passes out of the body through the anus. The anal sphincter (SFINK-tur) is a group of muscles in the anus the controls the relax of poop. In one imperforate anus, the anal sphincter usually develops in the right place, but without the regular opening. As soon as this happens, the rectum can be:

extended by tissue or a membrane open up in the wrong location

What space Some varieties of Imperforate Anus?

An anus that creates without an opened is called anal atresia

Another kind of anorectal malformation, when the rectum opens up in the wrong place, has various names, relying on the components of the body affected:

A rectoperineal fistula (opening) ~ above the skin behind the genitals (an area dubbed the perineum). In girls, the rectum might open in: the area roughly the vaginal opening (rectovestibular fistula) a cloaca (klo-AY-kuh), i beg your pardon is a single opening the connects to the rectum, vagina, and also urethra (the pee tube)

What are the signs & symptom of an Imperforate Anus?

When a baby is born v an imperforate anus, the baby"s physician or parent might notice:

The baby"s anus is absent or in the not correct place. The baby doesn"t poop in ~ 48 hours of birth. The baby"s ship is swollen. Poop (stool or feces) comes the end at the not correct place, such as the: vagina or skin near the opening of the vagina in girl scrotum, the basic of the dick or its guideline in boys

How Is one Imperforate Anus Diagnosed?

In part cases, one ultrasound before birth may present things that indicate an imperforate anus.

The diagnosis of imperforate anus is virtually always make after birth. Doctors may use tests to learn much more about how the baby"s parts formed, including:

X-rays the the stomach area to look in ~ the esophagus and bones the the spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine the spine and also pelvis echocardiogram to check the heart

How Is an Imperforate Anus Treated?

A surgeon and also other specialists usually treat a baby through an imperforate anus. Treatment ideal after birth regularly includes:

do a treatment setup based on exactly how the baby"s anus and other parts created

Most babies with imperforate anus will need surgery to fix the problem.

A common repair is a posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP). It"s done as soon as the surgeon to know the location of the offal in the abdomen and also where the rectum ends. The physician will make an scratch (cut) in between the baby"s target cheeks, then disconnect the rectum from the urinary street or vagina and place it within the anal sphincter. At part point, the baby might need a momentary colostomy. Colostomy method that the bowel activity (poop) goes right into a bag the is outside the skin.

What Else should I Know?

Many kids with imperforate anus will have actually trouble v pooping. Part may have actually trouble holding their urine. Program visits v the medical professional can aid with these issues.

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A continence clinic (a clinic that treats children who have actually bowel or bladder problems) can aid children and families get rid of the physical, mental, and social obstacles that might follow the surgical fix of an imperforate anus.

Being connected in your child"s care setup can aid you feel more in control:

take it things sooner or later at a time. Look to your care team to guide you top top caring for her child, gaining ready because that surgery, recovery, and also more. If you have questions, ask. Accept assist when girlfriend can, and also lean top top those roughly you because that support.

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