If you’ve ever before taken a closer watch at her dogs feet, you’ll notification that they have actually lots of attributes that make them unique. From all at once size to nail size to toe placement, her pup’s paws room the product the a lengthy line that ancestors.

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One the the things you may not have checked for is even if it is or not your dog has actually webbed feet. Webbing between the paws isn’t every that uncommon in dogs, and also the trait has intentionally been bred into some pups.

Here are some dog each other that have webbed feet and also the reasons they have them.



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In the 1700s, several dogs to be imported to America for hunting. European searching dogs worked in Europe, but in the American South, the terrain was very different. There were plenty of swamps and forests, which do it simple for prey to climb trees or litter off trackers in murky water, fairly than burrowing come escape.

Redbone Coonhounds to be bred for this new terrain. Lock fearless, able to intimidate alligators, black color bears, or cougars, and relentless for this reason they can keep raccoons in trees until a hunter arrives.

They also had webbed feet, which permit them doggedly pursue their prey, also through the swamps. Castle were constructed to handle America, which is why they’re still mostly only discovered in the US.

You might recognize them indigenous the publication Where the Red Fern Grows, which probably made you cry uneven you have actually a heart of stone.

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Does her pup have webbed paws? do they favor to swim, dig, or hunt? allow us understand in the comment below!

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