A capacitor engine is likewise a split-phase induction motor. The starting winding has a capacitor in collection with it. This is improved kind of separation phase motor. This form of motor was arisen at the later on stage. These electric motors have greater starting and also running torque. This is the main advantage of capacitor electric motors over split-phase types. In the beginning, the separation phase motor to be designed by maintaining the difference of resistance come reactance (inductive) proportion in the main winding and beginning winding. Hence the use of the term separation phase because of this has end up being established for the designation that the inductively separation phase machine, and to stop confusion it is not provided to point out the capacitor induction motors. The use of capacitor has countless advantages. The fluxes in the two windings, key winding as well as starting winding deserve to be made to have a difference of 90o so the the engine becomes two phase motor. Because the starting torque is proportional come the sine of the angle between the 2 currents produced by the main winding also as beginning winding. The beginning torque is much greater than the usual split phase motor. Starting line present reduced since of the capacitor linked in collection with the starting winding. The power variable of the motor gets improved. It can be made really near to unity in the capacitor motor where the capacitor is permanently addressed in the winding and also it walk not get disconnected. There room three types of capacitor motors:

Capacitor begin motor.Capacitor operation motor.Capacitor start capacitor run motor.

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Capacitor begin Motor

In the capacitor start motor capacitor C is of huge value such that the motor will offer high beginning torque. Capacitor to work is quick time duty rating. The capacitor is the electrolytic type. Electrolytic capacitor C is connected in collection with the starting winding together with centrifugal move S as shown in the diagram.


When the motor attains the rate of about 75% the synchronous speed starting winding is cut-off. The construction of the motor and also winding is similar to usual split phase motor. The capacitor start motor is supplied where high beginning torque is forced like refrigerators. 

Characteristics of Capacitor start Motor

Speed is consistent within 5% slip.Capacitor start motor develops high starting torque around 4 come 5 time the complete load torque and also reduces the beginning current.The direction of rotation can be adjusted by interchanging the connection of supply to the one of two people of the winding.

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Capacitor operation Motor Working

Connection plan for the capacitor operation motor is the very same as the capacitor begin motor other than for the lack of centrifugal move S. The capacitor is of record type. The capacitor is permanently associated to the starting winding. In case of the file capacitor, the worth of the capacitance is tiny since it is challenging and becomes uneconomical come manufacture record capacitor of higher value. The electrolytic capacitor cannot be used because this type of capacitor is used for only brief time rating and also hence cannot be permanently connected to the winding. Both main as well as beginning winding is of equal rating

Characteristics of Capacitor run Motor


Starting talk is lower around 50% of full load torque. Power element is improved. It might be around unity. Efficiency is enhanced to about 75%.The direction of rotation can be reversed as written in situation of capacitor start motor.The capacitor operation motor is offered in fans, room coolers, portable tools and other domestic and also commercial electric appliances.Capacitor begin Capacitor run Motor



 Two capacitors are offered in capacitor start capacitor run motor or two value capacitor motor, one for starting purpose and other for running purpose. Beginning purpose capacitor is of electrolytic type and is disconnected native the supply once the engine attains 75% the synchronous rate with the help of centrifugal move S, connected in series with Cs. The worth of the two capacitors is different. Starting capacitor Cs, i beg your pardon is electrolytic type, is the high value. 

Characteristics that Capacitor begin Capacitor run Motor



The capacitor begin capacitor run motor gives the ideal running too as starting conditions. Such motors operate as two-phase motors providing the finest performance.Starting speak is high, beginning current is reduced and gives far better efficiency, much better p.f. The only disadvantage is high cost.Direction deserve to be reversed by interchanging the link of supply to one of two people of the main winding or beginning winding.

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