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Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won a gold medal in ~ the 2008 Olympics in Beijing after ~ a stunning routine on the balance beam. In ~ 16, she was instantly a superstar in the eye of Americans.

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Johnson, who last showed up for the United states Olympic team in 2012, has due to the fact that retired from completing on the international stage. Now, she’s enjoy it married life alongside she husband Andrew East.

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Shawn Johnson east is married to former Washington Redskins lengthy snapper Andrew East. Andrew play college football at Vanderbilt and went undrafted in 2015 prior to having lot of stints through NFL teams.

The pair met with East’s brother, guy East, in ~ the 2012 Olympics. Male was competing as a track cyclist at the time. Shawn had actually retired a month before the Olympic games.

The pair started dating soon after and also got married in 2016. The NFL player proposed to the Olympic yellow medalist on the ar at a Chicago Cubs game in 2015. She provided fans a glimpse right into the moment on her Youtube channel:

The pair welcomed their an initial child and baby girl, daughter drew Hazel, in 2019.

The Des Moines, Iowa aboriginal posted a picture to society media showing off her baby bump in January 2021, captioning the photo “Here us go again” to announce infant No. 2 was on the way. Their 2nd child is expected to be born in 2021. The eastern family, which resides in Nashville, Tennessee, will certainly be including another member. Shawn posted a picture announcing the baby would be a boy.

The enhancements to their family members are particularly heartwarming considering Johnson released a YouTube video clip revealing she had actually a legacy in 2017.

Shawn Johnson an individual Life

In enhancement to her Olympic successes ~ above the balance beam and also floor practice routine, Johnson likewise earned yellow on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”The Olympian and also gymnastics star winner the championship on the famous television display in 2009.

Additionally, Johnson hosts a podcast alongside her football player husband called “Couple things With Shawn and Andrew.” She and also Andrew have their own Youtube Channel called “The east Family” the has an ext than 1.2 million subscribers.

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Shawn Johnson is retired from gymnastics this days, but she has her hands full considering she and also Andrew are increasing a family.

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