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Marilyn go NOT have six toes on one foot!

Article through Gina Arildsen

Pic #1 – The “6 toes” picMarilyn Monroe go not ever in her lifetime have 6 toe on either foot. She to be born June 1, 1926 a healthy baby v ten fingers and also ten toes. She died August 5, 1962 v these same 10 fingers and 10 toes. Fastened is a collection of images that papers the life of her feet from son to adult and even in death that will prove she never had an extra toe. First, the background regarding how this rumor came about.

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Photographer Joseph Jasgur photographed young Norma Jeane before she came to be Marilyn Monroe at the age of 20 in the year 1946. On in march 18, 1946, Joe Jasgur took Norma Jeane come Zuma Beach, California because that a picture shoot. One picture from this shoot came out looking like Norma Jeane had a sixth toe on she left foot due to a clump that sand difficult to she foot. (Photo #1) On march 23, 1946 Joe again took Norma Jeane come Zuma coast for more photos. These photos taken just 5 days later plainly show Norma Jeane with just 5 toe on she left foot.

When Joseph Jasgur determined to publish this photos in a book entitled “The birth of Marilyn: The shed Photographs of Norma Jeane through Joseph Jasgur” he stated this lie: Norma Jeane had six toes and I deserve to prove it with this photo on pages 72 and also 73. The only difficulty with this is that there is an abundance of photos of Marilyn Monroe with only 5 toes per foot, one of which is on web page 86 that Joseph Jasgur’s same book, the photo taken just 5 job after the “six toe” picture.

That extra toe didn’t just fall off in five days! no one did the grow specifically for Joe to photograph on march 18, 1946. The was never there. Unfortunately, the 6 toe rumor has actually spread and been bring away as fact by for this reason many. Also Ripley’s believe It Or Not has reported that Marilyn Monroe had six toes. The is really sad that due to the fact that one man told a lie come make some money, poor Marilyn, gone from us now for 40 years (God rest her beautiful soul) is now made out to be a 6 toed freak through so many people.

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Instead that newspapers and such printing great things about her to the plenty of readers who know tiny of her, the print around Marilyn entails deformities etc. The worst component is that it’s no true or accurate. Think it or not, there room surprising and also interesting things around Marilyn Monroe the are great things, and also they can even be supplied in a “Did friend Know?” section. (or ~ above a net site – Editor’s note)

Pic #2 and #3 – infant Norma Jeanne, with normal feet

Pic #4 and #5 – only 5 job after the “6 toes” photo

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