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Directions to Campus from Airports

The college of Maryland is served by three major airports-- DCA - Ronald Reagan Washington National, BWI - Baltimore Washington International, and IAD - Washington Dulles worldwide Airport. julianum.net recommends using SuperShuttle as a convenient and cost efficient method of transport to campus from every of these airport locations. Info on other transportation options to campus native the airports is additionally listed.

Reagan Washington national (DCA) (DCA website) situated in Arlington, Virginia, this airplane is located about 15 miles southern of university Park. Travel can be slow through downtown Washington, D.C. During rush hours; almost right driving time is 40 minutes. Taxi service from the airport come campus will cost around $90.00 one-way.

Driving direction from Reagan Washington National:

From Reagan national Airport take it the George Washington Memorial Parkway Northbound because that 1 mile.Take the exit significant 1-395 north / united state -1 north / 14th Street Bridge. In 1000 feet, after crossing the grape max River, monitor I-395 as it veers to the right. Follow I-395 for 3.0 miles. Salary close fist to indications for I-395. Be really careful no to turn onto the south-east Freeway in ~ 1.0 miles. I-395 will get in a lengthy tunnel and also then emerge and also dead end on brand-new York Avenue.Turn ideal onto brand-new York Avenue and also follow it for 4 miles where it will split.Follow the left fork come I-295 north (the Baltimore Washington Parkway).Follow I-295 North for 4 miles to the intersection v the capital Beltway, (I-495)Take the departure for I-495 West and stay ~ above I-495 until leave 25.At leave 25, take us 1 southern towards college Park for 2 miles.

Baltimore-Washington global (BWI) (BWI website) situated just exterior Baltimore, this plane is roughly 25 miles north of college Park. Driving time is around 35 minutes. Taxi company from the airport come campus will cost around $90.00 one-way.

Driving direction from Baltimore Washington International:

From Baltimore Washington worldwide Airport, monitor I-195 West 6 mile to the I-95 interchange.Follow I-95 southern towards Washington DC.In 16 miles, I-95 will split. Monitor the left fork in the direction of I-95 South, us 1, and also College Park.At exit 25, take us 1 southern towards college Park for 2 miles.

Washington Dulles international (IAD) (IAD website) located near Herndon, Virginia, this plane is around 35 mile southwest of university Park. Steering time is around one hour. Taxi business from the airport to campus will certainly cost around $90.00.

Driving directions from Washington Dulles worldwide :

From Dulles global Airport, follow the Dulles toy fee Road, VA 267, east for 12 miles, to the intersection with the capital Beltway, I-495.Take the departure for I-495 phibìc Baltimore and follow I-495 for 20 mile to exit 25. Be careful to stay right in ~ the I- 495/I-270 separation at 5 miles. At departure 25, take us 1 south towards university Park because that 2 miles.

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