Though Florida’s Historic shore is a civilization away native average, girlfriend needn’t travel far to envelop you yourself in its background and luxury.

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The area is less than two hrs away native most major Florida cities, including Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Gainesville and Orlando. Savannah, Georgia, and Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, are less than 4 hours from our shores.

Travel through Car

St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra room easily easily accessible from the north and south by interstate 95, U.S. Highway 1 and scenic Florida Highway A1A. Our tourists from the West are served by federal government 10, while interstate 4 and Interstate 75 affix the area to central and Southwest Florida.

City Parking Garage - for parking information speak to 904-484-5160 or click here.

I-95 leave Numbers

Exit 298 Highway united state 1 South

Faver-Dykes State Park

Exit 305 State roadway 206

St. Augustine BeachCrescent BeachWashington Oaks State Park

Exit 311 State roadway 207

Downtown St. AugustineSt. Augustine BeachSt. Johns Golf ClubSt. Johns FairgroundsElkton/Hastings

Exit 318 State road 16

Downtown St. AugustineOutlet MallsVilano Beach

Exit 323 worldwide Golf Parkway

World Golf Village

Exit 329 County roadway 210

Ponte Vedra Beach


Travel by Air

Northeast Florida local Airport (UST) is a just 10-minute journey to St. Augustine or Ponte Vedra because that those traveling on exclusive planes.

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Jacksonville worldwide Airport (JAX) is approximately 50 minutes phibìc of St. Augustine and also 30 minutes from Ponte Vedra. This three-concourse airport is served by nationwide and local airlines the offer direct flights and also connect Florida’s Historic shore to most significant U.S. Cities.Daytona Beach worldwide Airport (DAB) is roughly 50 minutes to the south of St. Augustine and also provides service to more than 150 destinations worldwide.Orlando international Airport (MCO) is roughly 90 minute to the southern of St. Augustine and also provides company to 135 destinations worldwide.Many airlines sell well-priced flights from famous US urban to Jacksonville. Get in-depth information on these flights here.

Travel through Bus, Train or automobile Service

Jax Black car TransportationAcademy Bus

Travel through Train

Amtrak supplies two choices in surrounding cities.3570 Clifford Lane, Jacksonville, Florida - 60 minutes from Florida"s historical Coast220 north 11th Street, Palatka, FL - 45 minutes from Florida"s historical Coast

Greyhound Bus

Greyhound disembarks in ~ the visitors Information facility in downtown St. Augustine. Tickets room not marketed at this location. Bus tickets need to be purchased online or in ~ a full-service terminal.1 Cordova Street, St. Augustine, FL