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The Canine center - St Cloud, FL"German shepherd dog breeding is working dog reproduction or the is no German shepherd dog breeding." -v. Stephanitz

I have actually only ever had endure with one and also she left one indelible mark on me. If ns were to ever own a sporting/hunting breed it would be a Chessie! They have actually the look at of Labs yet seem to have a an ext Shepherd like temperament. Intelligent, aloof and also not for the inexperienced or unfair handler.
Ruq Paq Lakota, Chimo, Tika, Rayne, Kanuck, Jethro and KeyzahMy Angels forever in my heart and also watching over us:Phoenix 9/07 Kaylee Cheyenne 5/09

I have never owned one, yet I recognize some of them. They are NOT Labradors in a wavy, difficult coat! lol...they can be challenging as nails, an excellent guard dogs and also intense. Highly intelligent, not overly demonstrative and also excellent retrievers (obviously!). I have seen Chessies dive come the bottom of a pool for objects come retrieve!I carry out not recognize anything about them being an excellent candidates for SAR, however.I recognize I choose the breed..

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Ruq Paq Lakota, Chimo, Tika, Rayne, Kanuck, Jethro and KeyzahMy Angels forever in mine heart and also watching over us:Phoenix 9/07
Kaylee Cheyenne 5/09
I have fostered a couple of of them end the years and also can say that this is a very interesting breed of dog.This is a very intelligent breed. They think with EVERYTHING. They can, in general, it is in very, an extremely stubborn. They are thrust to work-related for your person, but a local hunting dog trainer that does board and train swears that Chessies are difficult to put into a board and train situation because they have no desire to occupational with someone other than their very own person.They bond really closely v the civilization in their home. Are tolerant the children, but do should be heavily socialized v lots and lots of different people. They can be territorial and also sometimes have actually a reputation for gift unsafe roughly other animals.This is one incredibly active breed the is completely tireless. They do best when they have some kind of physical and also emotional release for your energy, work ethic and intelligence. Lock LOVE water and swimming.In general, ns wouldn"t recommend them for a residence with an inexperienced owner. They need someone who understands the totality "firm, but always fair" strategy to living through the dog. Fairness is a big thing through a Chessie. I have actually loved working with the persons I have fostered. Castle are fairly popular here, ns think because they are known for going right into the coldest, roughest water all day lengthy out in the field. They are simply fascinating dogs. Ns wonder just how one would do in SAR? I can see whereby that drive would certainly come in handy, and they completely have the nose and ability. They deserve to be reasonably independent, and also will ignore a command if castle think they know just how to carry out something better.Sheilah