World that Warcraft is a game that touches countless lives daily. It’s not simply for the stereotype that a nerdy, white, 20-something male. Human being from every walks that life from roughly the human being have shed themselves in the diverse human being of Azeroth. Part dabbled because that a day or two, and others live a second life within the game. If you’re one of these players, climate you know simply how varied the world behind the avatars can be. Plenty of celebrities have additionally explored the game, and also some of lock as just as right into it together you.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Image credit: MSNBC

Curtis stunned gamers anywhere when she showed up through her son to the Warcraft movie premiere pull on in full orc cosplay, green skin and all. Curtis has previously cosplayed together Vega from Street Fighter and also as a Forsaken undead character at Blizzcon 2015. She also took a minute to share this gem v the world:

Only thing missing in the great
warcraftmovie was……

— Jamie Lee Curtis (
jamieleecurtis) June 7, 2016

Elijah wood & Dominic Monaghan

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Middle planet isn’t the only realm whereby these two Hobbits roam. The pair likewise enjoy safety time in Azeroth, and even had actually a live debate to argue about World the Warcraft end the course of two rounds. Monaghan suggested for the game, however Wood had actually to argue why it to be a waste of time. Guess who won the one.

Felicia Day

Image credit: Felicia Day

Of course, if you’re analysis Geek & Sundry, then you probably already knew that. Day told Engadget that she had actually a serious WoW addiction for around two years and would spend many of her downtime playing. She kinda made an entire web collection that might or might not be around people who play a game that might or may not be World the Warcraft. Simply sayin’.

Mila Kunis

Image credit: universal Pictures

Kunis played a mage on the Alliance side and also told Jimmy Kimmel what’s what throughout an interview. She supplied to play through Macaulay Culkin earlier when she was dating him, but became so hooked top top the video game that she had to pressure herself come quit. She’s additionally discussed she gaming past with Dan Amrich top top his podcast One of Swords.

Vin Diesel

Image credit: universal Pictures

You currently knew Diesel delighted in Dungeons & Dragons. You’ve literally watched him it play through us. But did you know that he’s also a Warcraft fan? It’s true. He shared this video clip of self playing with the so late Paul Walker earlier in 2010.

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Kristian Nairn

Image credit: HBO

TV’s lover Hodor loves the video game so much that that plays multiple personalities on both US and European servers. In an interview through Engadget, he declared that he loves PVP and also is component of a guild referred to as “Winter Is Coming.” Nairn confessed come trying to tempt his fellow video game of Thrones castmates come play through him, but to no avail.

Warcraft is currently playing in theater nationwide. Have you viewed it? Tell us what girlfriend think in the comments!

Featured image credit: Jamie Lee Curtis


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