I understand I can use a GameCube bowl on a wii but to play them do I should use a GameCube controller or I have the right to use a Wii


According come Nintendo Support, you cannot play GameCube games with a Wii Remote.

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Please note that the Wii remote cannot be supplied to play GameCube games, and also that conventional GameCube controllers or the wireless WaveBird variant room required.

This also means that her Wii must have actually GameCube controller port in order come play GameCube games:


Despite that, Nintendo support recommends checking the Wii"s model No. To recognize if it"s compatible through GameCube games:

If the version No. Starts v RVL, the Wii device IS compatible through Nintendo GameCube software and accessories. If the model No. Starts v RVK, the Wii mechanism IS no compatible v Nintendo GameCube software and also accessories.
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If you hack the wii and use nintendont to fill your gamecube games, you have the right to play the julianum.nets with a wiimote and also nunchuck or the wii standard controller plugged into the wiimote as well as other usb hid compatible controllers.

Without using house brew you have the right to only play v a gamecube controller.

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