He states its possible to deliver from ROMs ~ above Emulators to DS games. I told him there is no method in hell. Ns wonder is he lying or do I need to offer him one of my shining Manaphy?

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sounds possible, you can use something like pkhex, and also maybe trade up come the game you wantif girlfriend bet your shiny manaphy or other be ready to offer it lol

Note: This answer will be for moving from an emulated DS Pokémon video game to Gen 6/7. Pokémon native a GBA emulator have the right to be transferred to her emulated DS video game (Let"s speak it"s gen5) by an initial using gen 4"s Pal Park and then Pkhex (I"m not going to provide a full explanation about that). You can use Pal Park through DeSmuME to transport your GBA mons. I don"t know exactly how to transfer emulated Pokemon from gen 1 & 2 though without making use of Pkhex. Carry out not modify your Pokemon unless you desire to damage them and also make lock hacked. They"re not easy to resolve either. You can likewise use pkhex to examine if your Pokémon space legit. Sufficient of the now.

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1. You’ll need one of these things and also a trusted micro sd map (with at least 4GB, and not from her 3ds). Ns recommend making use of a gift card as soon as ordering. Girlfriend may additionally need a micro sd card adapter.

2. You need the ROM of her DS Pokémon game and it’s save data.

3. You require a genuine DS Pokémon video game (I introduce Pokémon Black/White 2). This legit video game has to it is in far enough into the story to do attach trades.

4. You need 2 3ds consoles (or a 2DS and your 3ds console, or 2 2DS consoles).

5. You need an caused Pokémon Bank and also Pokémon Transporter (it deserve to be downloaded through the bank).

6. Plug your micro sd into your pc (with her adapter if needed).

7. Download the firmware the the map you notified here.

8. Un-zip the firmware. You might need winrar.

9. Put whatever you unzipped onto your micro sd card.

10. On your micro sd card do a folder called "DS Games." put your DS rom and also it’s save data (which need to be found in the "battery" folder of her emulator if you’re using DeSmuME) in the ds games folder. The paper type of your save record should be dsv. Adjust it to sav. and make sure your rom is not zipped.

11. Eject your micro sd card and put that in your r4 card.

13. placed your r4 card in among your 3ds/2ds consoles and it should show up as a cartridge ~ above the residence menu. You don’t have to hack her 3ds/2ds. Start the app.

14. put your legit Pokémon BW2 video game in your other 3ds/2ds console. Start the game, and catch many route 1 trash, then head come a center.

15. Your other console need to be ~ above the r4 menu, find your DS rom and load it. The video game should start.

16. top top the r4 game gain to a center and head to connect trades.

17. top top the real video game head to attach trades and also start a connect trade with the emulated trainer.

18. profession all your emulator mons come the genuine trainer, replacing the route 1 trash girlfriend caught.

19. end the trade. The console through the r4 is no longer needed (note: this technique works backwards).

20. In her real video game put the Pokémon from the emulator in box 1. Save and exit.

21. open up Pokémon Transporter and send the mons in crate 1 to Pokémon bank.

22. In Pokémon bank your emulated mons must be in the deliver box (if part are lacking then they have been marked "fake" and sent earlier to her ds game).

23. now that your Pokémon are in the move box friend can choose to put them in gen 6 or 7.

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I hope I have actually answered your question. Pokémon indigenous ROM hacks cannot be transferred.