Today is a little bit of a monumental day, due to the fact that we"ve finally resolved how immaculate conceptions can occur. According to the recent doom-inducing clinical research, it"s actually feasible to gain pregnant from dried humping.

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Oh, goody.

Yup, that often-fully-clothed sex simulation thing you usually perform in da club once you simply can"t save your hands off each various other could an outcome in girlfriend being through child. I m sorry is much from ideal, tbh.

The daily Mailare the persons to lug us this bad news, after ~ having spoken to a conception expert, and it"ll more than likely put the are afraid of god right into all 18-year-old Oceana-dwellers nationwide.


Because if the bloke you"re grind furiously up versus has only gained thin pants on, it"s theoretically feasible that this can lead come pregnancy. Sure, it"s far-fetched, yet an expert fromFamily planning NSWexplained just how it can happen:

"If semen came into call with her vagina then there is a risk of pregnancy.Semen can even soak through underwear and also you can, although it is rare, acquire pregnant from the too," they notified us.

The ethical of the story? Watch wherein you placed his semen-soaked underwear. Definitely don"t hoverit anywhere nearyour contraceptive organs, anyway,because the following thing friend know, you can be expecting a little oneand friend didn"t even get to have actually the baby-making funny that"s usually involved.

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