Travelers generally ask even if it is to exchange money prior to going to their destination. Many of them would weigh wherein they have the right to get greater rates or the ideal value for their currencies. Some would play safe and just exchange money in their house country prior to going abroad. Others would take the risk and look for money changers top top arrival.

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Either way, the exchange rate does not have much the a substantial difference. Your currency will have the yes, really value based on how vain your currency is. The main worry for most travelers is just how convenient for you to exchange money. It will certainly pose a more far-reaching concern, specifically in uncharted destinations choose Jamaica.

Jamaica is using the Jamaican dollar as its official currency. It come in denominations that 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5,000. The money is widely accepted in the country. However, friend may find it challenging to pay using currencies favor the united state dollars in much less touristy locations in Jamaica.

It is vital to exchange several of your foreign currencies prior to your pilgrimage to Jamaica. The is more convenient to take some Jamaican dollars upon your arrival. Girlfriend cannot always rely on ATMs, together some may not it is in serviceable the moment you arrive.

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Is it better to use cash or credit transaction in Jamaica?

Paying in cash is the easiest and fastest means to do financial transactions in Jamaica. Even though the country likewise accepts credit cards, some areas only usage cash. Therefore, that is far better to always have cash through you once in Jamaica.

Credit cards are likewise acceptable in Jamaica. Some hotels, restaurants, and department stores can accept credit. You can opt to use your credit transaction cards for large purchases, too. In instance you room using credit transaction cards, right here are the far-reaching establishments that accept credit:

All-inclusive resort

Some all-inclusive resorts usage the cashless system. Instead, you room charged v all the incidental expenses incurred throughout your stay. Every the payment shall it is in made when you examine out from the hotel. You have the right to use your credit or debit card upon your check out. You likewise have the option to pay them in us dollars.

High end and also mid-range restaurants

You can likewise use credit transaction cards in many high-end and also mid-range restaurants. If you take place to run out the cash, you have the alternative to pay making use of your credit cards. Save in mind the you will be charged 3% up to 5% the every transaction by her bank.

Shopping centers and also department stores

If you make big purchases once shopping, credit cards space the many convenient way to usage them. You can swipe them as soon as paying and also wait because that the transaction to be approved.

Expect the aside indigenous the constant transaction fee of 3% to 5%, you will be paying because that conversion fees, together well. If you do not choose to invest the counter fees, you deserve to ask the seller to fee in Jamaican dollars instead. The dynamic money conversion or DCC is usually practiced in Jamaica.

If girlfriend would prefer to use a credit card ~ above your pilgrimage to Jamaica, understand the international exchange fee for the card. You might be surprised how high the worldwide exchange dues is fee to your card in your bill. Therefore, that is finest recommended to use cards v lower international exchange fees to conserve money.

The facilities mentioned above easily accept credit cards. The most common are Visa and Mastercard. On one side, American Express and also Discover cards can have a low acceptance rate.

Where deserve to I exchange money in Jamaica?

You have actually plenty of options to exchange currency in Jamaica. If you carry out not have Jamaican dollars with you top top arrival, you have the right to exchange money in Jamaica. Over there are numerous accredited establishments where you deserve to exchange your foreign currencies. You have actually banks, money changers, and also even ATMs.

Here are few of the facilities where you can change your international currencies:

Foreign exchange bureau

When you take trip to major cities in Jamaica, girlfriend will view several foreign exchange bureaus. They space usually located inside a financial institution where you have the right to transact foreign exchange. These room the best way to adjust your money right into Jamaican dollars. In addition, they sell reasonable rates contrasted to transforming currencies in a hotel.


One of the finest places to exchange currency in Jamaica is Cambios. There are financial institution regulated where you can get reasonable exchange rates. Cambios space spread through major cities in the country, together well.


If you lug debit cards, friend can conveniently withdraw cash in ATMs mounted in miscellaneous locations. ATMs space convenient to use as lock accept global debit cards, as well. Girlfriend can find them in international airports, major cities, advertisement sites, and also more. The bank cards completely supported by Jamaica room Visa and Mastercard.

However, ATMs are only second to Cambios in terms of the exchange rate. You deserve to only gain Jamaican dollars in most ATMs. Those located in major resorts have the right to dispense both Jamaican and US dollars.

What is the ideal currency to take to Jamaica?

Jamaica accepts all significant currencies, offered you exchange them upon arrival. However, US dollars is just one of the best currencies i beg your pardon you deserve to take come Jamaica. In addition, majors many hotels in traveler centers usually accept USD in every transaction.

If you have other foreign currencies, you have to exchange them for Jamaican dollars. Just the Jamaican dollars and also US dollars are embraced in the county. If you do not have actually both the Jamaican and US dollars, you can also use money changers.

Here are some of the extremely convertible currencies:

EurosPoundsCanadian dollar

If you do not have these currencies, your next option is converting your money right into the money you arrangement to use. That is one of two people Jamaican dollars or us dollars. You need to be cautious with the conversion. Friend should very first assess how convertible your current money is.

If you plan to use us dollars, the is much better that you do the switch in your house country. If you desire to use Jamaican dollars, you deserve to buy the money in Jamaica itself. You will certainly get much better deals if you buy Jamaican dollars in the country.

How much cash must I carry to Jamaica?

If you embark top top a trip come Jamaica, you require an typical of $103 every day. It currently includes your daily accommodation, food, transportation, and also admissions. If you spend a week in Jamaica, you should bring cash the $1,500 for two people.

Here are the straightforward expenses girlfriend should think about during her Caribbean trip:


The mean price the hotel accommodation cost $22 every night. It is a spending plan dorm room located in majors traveler sports favor Montego Bay. If you desire a cheaper location, you deserve to find budget rooms because that $16 in harbor Antonio.

If you want a more private stay, there space twin personal rooms available, together well. You must prepare $45 for this form of accommodation. That is much more expensive if you select a standard double remote through a toilet rated in ~ $55. This is also good for two.

Airbnb is also available in the country. You can find less expensive house via Airbnb at an average rate of $20 every night. The is a common Airbnb accommodation. For exclusive rentals, intend to covering out $55 per night. The rate is almost comparable to hostel accommodations.


Food is affordable in this component of the Caribbean. Girlfriend would often be offered with seafood in ~ a just $4. A Jamaican patty is also easily accessible that would only price you a dollar. The is a perfect treat after ~ a day of traveling roughly Jamaica’s most visited areas.

Eating having lunch is also cheap that have the right to cost around $5. There are plenty the streetside restaurants whereby you can uncover affordable food. Also a stewed chicken or beef will price less than $5. The food will already make your stomach complete at reduced rates.

However, if you desire to try an ext upscale restaurants, you need to prepare $20 per meal. Contrasted to other destinations, the rate is reasonably cheaper.

Fast food is also easy come find. For instance, food in McDonald’s will certainly only price you much less than $10. If you want to eat pizza, $12 deserve to suffice.


Of course, you went to Jamaica for a factor – visiting this tropic island. Meaning, girlfriend would want to view its stunning herbal beauty and sights. For you to check out all Jamaica’s beauty, you have to allot $20 every day. V this amount, you can have passed come waterfalls and also famous lagoons. Because that example, you can visit Dunn’s flow Falls, YS Waterfalls, and also the Rio Grande.

If you want a more an overwhelming thing come do, you deserve to go on a water rafting at the Rio Grande because that $70. The task will last up to 2 to 3 hours. The pass for YS falls a little bit costly wherein you should pay $17. Through this amount, girlfriend will be able to see 7 waterfalls already. You must not miss out on this one, together this is just one of the ideal waterfalls in the country.


If you desire to get roughly Jamaica, your best option is come ride in a taxi. Route taxis are widely obtainable and the cheapest means to move approximately Jamaica. It will only cost you $1-$7, depending on how much your destination is. Girlfriend can likewise use bus transfer for a lot cheaper option. The Knutsford refer is the many convenient way to get around the country’s well known sites.


Jamaica is a tipping country. Part of your travel spending plan should be allotted to tipping. If friend eat in a fancy restaurant, expect that you will certainly be paying for 10% to 15% organization fee. If this is not component of the bill, you have to initiate leave a 10%-18% guideline on the food company extended come you.

Jamaica is a Caribbean island most travelers dreamt of visiting. The is located south of Cuba with beautiful sights to see. It is one of the many sought-after destinations that needs planning and also research.

As a responsible traveler, learning the expense of your whole Jamaican expedition is very crucial. Her initial concern, that course, is the exchange rate and also how much money you need for the journey. The will help you be better prepared and also organize her itinerary well. Following is just how you can get the finest value because that your international currency.

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Hence, us hope that this guide was may be to administer helpful tips for your Jamaica travel. We have carefully chosen the object to give you the ideal knowledge about using money in Jamaica. We specifically consisted of ways to get the ideal exchange rate for international currencies. May you find this simple guide helpful. Hopefully, ~ above your next Caribbean trip, you will have the ability to choose Jamaica as among your destinations.