For bearded dragon owners, it is an extremely important to recognize what bearded dragons room actually able to do. Otherwise you could get a little shock as soon as something unanticipated happens. Dropping your tail deserve to be nice shocking because that example. However, have the right to bearded dragon drop their tail?

Bearded dragons space not able to drop your tail like other lizards are. If they lose their tail by accident, they room not able come regrow it.

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So they room not able to drop their tail, however does that likewise mean the they cannot lose it in other ways? and also how perform bearded dragons present that they room scared to death and want to escape if they can´t drop their tail? proceed to check out to discover more.

Can Bearded dragons Drop your Tail?

As you have just learned, moustache dragons room not able to shed their tail.

When I started with moustache dragons, i was very happy to hear that. As a child, every time us were on vacation in Italy or Portugal, I captured lizards. Ns knew precisely where I can find them and also I could record them pretty quickly.

Some lizards were entirely calm even after I recorded them, but others dropped their tail as shortly as ns touched them.

Honestly, it was always a tiny bit disgusting due to the fact that even after the lizard to reduce its tail, the tail continued to move. Further, relying on the dimension of the lizard, it was a bloody mess.

Well, ns was a curious child and I did not know what i did come those lizards. (Still, I constantly released those lizards and also didn´t do any harm to them.)

How carry out Bearded Dragons display Fear? You have to Know This

So, few of the lizards ns caught clearly showed the they were scared to death and also they thought that a predator had caught them. That´s why lock dropped your tail.

Many predators record lizards by their tails and lizards can easily escape by dropping your tails. However, exactly how do bearded dragons present fear? How have the right to they escape? how do you know that you must leave her bearded dragon alone?

It is actually pretty essential to understand that. If you don´t understand your bearded dragon´s human body language, you can stress your bearded dragon without even knowing it.

Bearded dragons Hiss

Actually, bearded dragon seem come be among the fighters in the reptile world. They room not able come drop their tail come escape, however they have some an excellent things to fear potential dangers away.

If bearded dragons feeling threatened, lock hiss prefer cats and they will puff up their beards and also color your beards totally black come seem an ext dangerous. In my opinion, this works pretty well.

I think the bearded dragons look quite scary if they carry out that. Have a look in ~ the video below and also tell me that you would touch the bearded dragonunhesitatingly. I wouldn´t!

If you desire to learn an ext about hissing in moustache dragons, i recommend to check out my article on the here.

Bearded Dragons even Bite

If you disregard the clear human body language the a moustache dragon and also still try to touch the or shot to get it out of that is cage, chances are girlfriend will gain bitten. Don´t acquire me not correct here, most bearded dragons are pretty laid back, but due to the fact that they can´t drop your tail, castle will strike in situation of danger.

Further, part bearded dragon also shot to slap you with their tail.

It is just normal the you don´t desire to get bitten by your bearded dragon. If you desire to know how to stop that and if the hurts, click below to check out my post on mustache dragon bites.

They Close your Eyes

Most beardie owner think that if their bearded dragon closes its eye while being pet, it shows that that is enjoying it. However, that´s not true. Her bearded dragon is do the efforts to display you that it feels discomfort and that it wants you come stop.

Beardies that only close their eyes once being touched have actually no intention come hurt you, but you must still respect your bearded dragon´s body language and act accordingly.

If you want to learn more about that, I have actually written an entire article ~ above why beardies close their eyes. Read it here.

Other methods Your bearded Dragon could Lose that Tail

Just because your mustache dragon is not able to drop that is tail the doesn´t median that her bearded dragon could not shed its tail in other ways. And I am no talking around accidents here, ns am talking about ways that room pretty common.

Do you Have more Than One moustache Dragon?

Unfortunately, mustache dragons space still greatly sold in groups. The trouble is that bearded dragons room loners.

Male bearded dragons room territorial and also do no accept various other males in the same tank. Also if you have two females or one male and also one female bearded dragon, over there is no guarantee that your beardies will get along with each other.

Often times, unaware beardie owners think that every little thing is fine with their beardies and that they obtain along, yet one morning they find one of your bearded dragons v a shorter tail or with lacking limbs.

Bearded dragon fight and also oppress each other and also it can occur that among your mustache dragon will have actually its tail bitten off. This is no rare in mustache dragons that are preserved together in one tank.

Have a look at at every the baby bearded dragons the are marketed in pets shops. Plenty of of them have absent toes or tail tips.

If you have two or more bearded dragon I very recommend to review my article: deserve to you keep bearded dragons together in one tank?

Your Beardie might Suffer native Tail Rot

Tail rot is a horrible an illness in mustache dragons. The tail literally starts come rot native the pointer to the bearded dragon´s body. In the worst instance this can also kill her bearded dragon.

A lot of bearded dragon owners have actually experienced this and also a most bearded dragons have actually lost a component of their tails therefore horrible disease.

A dry and also dark tail pointer that looks much more like a branchlet is the start of this disease.

I have actually written an write-up for mustache dragon owners who fear that their bearded dragon is experiencing from this disease. Click below to check out my article on tail rot in moustache dragons.

Shedding Problems

Shedding problems in bearded dragon can end badly. In fact, reptiles that are not may be to shed properly, shed their tails if lock don´t obtain any help or if they space not able to help themselves.

If your bearded dragon has troubles to melted its tail, the can take place that the old, dead skin cut off the blood it is provided to the tail and the tail will certainly die off.

Your bearded dragon has actually shedding problems? No, problem, read my bearded dragon shedding overview here.

Frequently asked Questions

Even though i have offered you a clean answer on this issue, I desire to answer the most common questions mustache dragon owners have actually on beardies dropping your tail.

Can Bearded dragon Regrow your Tails?

If your bearded dragon has lost its tail in a fight, one accident or because of tail rot, it will not be able to grow the tail back, as bearded dragons space not able come regrow limbs.

How long Does the Take for A mustache Dragon´s Tail To prosper Back?

Bearded Dragons are not able come regrow limbs, for this reason the tail won´t flourish back, not also a part of it. However, the tail will heal within a couple of weeks and the bearded dragon can live without it without any problems.

My mustache Dragon´s Tail dropped Off – What carry out I Do?

Most probably your bearded dragon´s tail did not simply fell off, your bearded dragon shed it in a fight, one accident or as result of a disease. Acquire your mustache dragon come a vet to examine if the is okay and to recognize what happened.


As friend see, just due to the fact that bearded dragon can´t drop your tail, it doesn´t median that lock are basic prey.

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So, deserve to bearded dragons drop your tail? No, yet make certain that your bearded dragon doesn´t shed it in various other ways.