ns think the if the acceleration that the object is constant, its velocity, i m sorry is directly related come the acceleration, will also remain the same, and make the object always go on the very same direction. Is this right?



Acceleration is the rate that change of velocity through respect come time. A object undergoing a constant acceleration has actually a constantly an altering velocity. If the acceleration constantly points in the same direction together the velocity, the trajectory will be no different than if there were no acceleration, yet in general acceleration will readjust the trajectory.

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Yes the can. The necessity of your concern is "constant acceleration". Parabolic activity is the example of continuous acceleration with transforming trajectory. Both the acceleration and the direction are constant which is approximately 9.8 m/s$^2$ and also perpendicular with planet surface.



The answer come your concern is yes, there have the right to be a trajectory adjust if there is a equivalent force acting on the human body such the there is a conservation of energy. The readjust would likewise manifest itself as a zero location in that the object would not suffer a readjust in motion.


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