A an extensive auto glass inspection is part of Utah’s state-mandated vehicle safety experimentation program.

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Your car’s windshield plays vital role. It helps keep your car stable, hold up her roof in the event of a crash, staying clear of an inward collapse. It aids through visibility, help prevent accidents and injuries come yourself and other chauffeurs on the road.

When girlfriend visit the room of transport for her vehicle’s security inspection, an comprehensive auto glass inspection is a large part of the visit. Will certainly your vehicle pass?

Utah safety and security Inspection Laws

In Utah, vehicles that room 4, 8 and 10 years old must pass safety and security inspections. Once the vehicle is 10 years old, it should pass a security inspection every year. The registration should be valid and you must schedule the inspection for within 2 months the the registration’s renewal.

The auto glass investigate is just part of a substantial look in ~ your entire vehicle, however your auto can conveniently fail if it has even a small windshield crack. Follow to state restrictions, cracks and chips are OK only if they space within the 6-inch border the the leaf of the windshield, measure up from where the glass meets the edge of the molding and also toward the facility of the windshield.

The inner part of the windshield is dubbed the acute area. If a cracked extends right into this area and also is much longer than 1 inch, your vehicle will fail the auto glass inspection.

Examining her Windshield

Before girlfriend schedule her vehicle’s visit, take it a an excellent look at the acute area of her windshield. Use a measuring ice to examine the size of every mark. Err top top the next of caution. Even though you might hope your car can sneak by, think about why these standards space in place — for her safety. It’s in your ideal interest to make sure your windshield is solid, clear and also secure.

Do You need Repair or Replacement?

Call a expert auto glass repair company to acquire their opinion on your windshield. Castle will have actually experience helping their customers happen state security inspections, and they will understand if the damage to your auto glass intimidates your capability to pass.

They will additionally be maybe to offer you options: perform you desire to fix or change the windshield? If the damaged can be repaired, this option may be a more cost-effective choice. If that too comprehensive for a repair, you’ll get in your safety inspection v a new, perfect windshield that’s guarantee to pass scrutiny.

Trust Glasshopper Auto Glass for a expert auto glass inspection, and affordable repair or replacement remedies — we come to you.

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