Tradition matches Change

Through the mysterious number of Emily Grierson, Faulkner conveys the battle that originates from trying come maintain tradition in the confront of widespread, radical change. Jefferson is at a crossroads, embracing a modern, more commercial future while still perched on the leaf of the past, from the faded glory that the Grierson residence to the city cemetery where anonymous Civil war soldiers have actually been laid come rest. Emily herself is a tradition, steadfastly continuing to be the same over the years in spite of many transforms in she community. She is in many ways a mixed blessing. As a life monument come the past, she represents the heritages that human being wish come respect and honor; however, she is also a burden and also entirely cut off indigenous the exterior world, nursing eccentricities the others cannot understand.

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Emily lives in a timeless vacuum and world the her own making. Refusing to have metallic numbers affixed come the next of her residence when the city receives modern-day mail service, she is the end of touch with the fact that constantly intimidates to break v her very closely sealed perimeters. Garages and cotton gins have replaced the cool antebellum homes. The aldermen shot to break v the unofficialize agreement about taxes once forged in between Colonel Sartoris and also Emily. This brand-new and younger generation that leaders brings in Homer’s firm to pave the sidewalks. Return Jefferson still highly regards traditional notions of honor and also reputation, the narrator is crucial of the old guys in your Confederate uniforms who gather for Emily’s funeral. For them together for her, time is relative. The previous is no a faint glimmer however an ever-present, idealized realm. Emily’s macabre bridal room is an extreme attempt to stop time and prevent change, although act so come at the cost of human life.

The power of Death

Death hangs end “A increased for Emily,” indigenous the narrator’s cite of Emily’s fatality at the start of the story with the summary of Emily’s death-haunted life to the foundering of tradition in the challenge of modern-day changes. In every case, fatality prevails over every effort to grasp it. Emily, a fixture in the community, offers in to death slowly. The narrator compares she to a drown woman, a bloated and also pale figure left too lengthy in the water. In the exact same description, he refers to her small, spare skeleton—she is almost dead on her feet. Emily stands together an emblem of the Old South, a grand lady whose respectability and charm rapidly decline through the years, lot like the outdated sensibilities the Griersons represent. The fatality of the old social order will certainly prevail, despite countless townspeople’s make the efforts to continue to be true to the old ways.

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Emily attempts to exert power over fatality by denying the fact of death itself. She bizarre partnership to the dead body of the guys she has loved—her necrophilia—is revealed an initial when her father dies. Can not to admit that he has actually died, Emily clings come the regulating paternal number whose denial and control came to be the only—yet extreme—form the love she knew. She offers up his body just reluctantly. As soon as Homer dies, Emily refuses to acknowledge it once again—although this time, she herself was responsible because that bringing about the death. In death Homer, she was able to store him near her. However, Homer’s lifelessness calculation him permanently distant. Emily and also Homer’s grotesque marriage reveals Emily’s disturbing effort to fuse life and also death. However, fatality ultimately triumphs.

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