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Domestic turkeys were first raised by native Americans in Mexico and central America, who bred them right into domestication indigenous a subspecies that the north American wild turkey probably as beforehand as 25 A.D.

Spanish explorers took few of those domesticated turkeys ago to Europe about 1519. They spread out rapidly among European farmers, and also were famous fare amongst the elites.

They an initial returned to the western Hemisphere v English colonists in Virginia and also Massachusetts in the early on 1600s. Those colonists were surprised to learn that indigenous Americans were already tapped right into the indigenous wild turkeys that had remained component of the American landscape all along.


Domestic turkeys have much less hereditary variation than wild turkeys, and less than many other domesticated agricultural types and breeds, follow to a DNA examine led by researchers from the Smithsonian Conservation biologic Institute.


The wild turkey have the right to fly more than a mile in ~ a time and at speeds up to 55 miles every hour. The residential turkey has actually been bred to have actually outsized, meaty breasts, sacrificing its ability to fly along the way.

The wild turkey have the right to run quicker than a galloping horse. The domestic turkey has actually been bred through numerous generations to have shorter legs and is lot slower on its feet.

The wild turkey survives and even thrives in a human being of predators. The residential turkey has lost the instinct for and abilities at survive in the wild, and is basic prey for predators.

Wild turkeys, while recognized for their gobbles, cackles, putts and purrs, throughout most that their resides are much quieter 보다 the constantly clucking domestic turkey. A wild turkey as repeatedly noisy as a residential turkey would not endure for very long.

Although residential turkeys can be bred to closely resemble wild turkeys, domestics normally are bred white to prevent darker skin coloration connected with non-white feathers. Wild turkeys rely on their dark brown and black plumage together camouflage.

Domestic turkeys exhibit no fear of humans. Much an ext wary and also stealthy, wild turkeys are taken into consideration one the the most difficult of game animals to effectively hunt consistently.

Wild turkeys have some the the many acute eyesight of any bird species. If the eyesight of residential turkeys does no seem to have tested to any type of degree, they generally have no require for solid eyesight and likely has actually lost few of their capability through generations of residential breeding.

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"Wild turkey space smaller and also have darker meat, richer, much more intense flavor, and firmer texture than domestic turkey,” notes Exotic meats USA. "The breast, gift smaller, has tendency to cook faster than legs or thighs. Wild turkey should not be overcooked because it would come to be too dry. The is known for its slight gaminess, slightly firm texture and also its dark meat. Wild turkeys have actually a lot less breast meat than regular turkeys since their breasts space designed to help them fly and they have no hormone or special feed. Lock are likewise much an ext muscular and also leaner than their residential cousins."

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