Water chestnuts room a an extremely reliable ingredient, having actually a crunch and also a light sweetness. They room a typical ingredient, especially in Chinese cuisine.

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Water chestnuts have actually been cultivated in China since ancient times, and can now usually be found in oriental supermarkets and also cuisine. The name originates from the reality that they resemble chestnuts in your shape and also color.

The water chestnut is not a nut in ~ all, yet has one aquatic tuber and grows in freshwater marshes. They deserve to be eaten raw, however this isn’t advisable due to the fact that they might come with illness from the water whereby they grew. However what if friend can’t discover any? Is over there anything else the you can use instead?

Yes, you can. Also though this ingredient is generally used in eastern cuisine, there room other common ingredients that have the right to be offered instead, prefer turnips, crate water chestnuts, Jerusalem artichokes and jicama slices.

Also, as there is a flour do from water chestnuts, we have noted below some substitutes for water chestnut flour. Read the short article to uncover out an ext about water chestnuts in cooking, some recipe ideas and also some argued alternatives.

Substitutes because that Water Chestnuts

No must worry, water chestnuts deserve to be substituted. Read below about our suggested options that reflect almost the exact same taste together water chestnuts. They have the very same use and also are substituted v equal quantities or adjusted according come taste.

1. Turnip


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This flour is do from raw hazelnuts and also is a very suitable substitute for water chestnut flour. Hazelnut flour is a grain-free nut flour, which provides it really great for baking.

This flour is likewise gluten-free and it can be offered to bread chicken, fish or can be added to smoothies. The contains an ext fat than water chestnut flour, which deserve to make her finished product a little much more dense.

Water Chestnut as an ingredient:

Commonly provided in Chinese recipes, water chestnuts are frequently used in vegetables stir-fries and also are also component of a classic bacon appetizer. Lock are also used to add crunch to a creamy spinach dip and bring an exotic smell to vegetable side dishes. They are usually added at the end of the cooking process.

Water chestnuts are highly nutritious and also contain high quantities of fiber, potassium, magnesium and copper. They likewise contain vitamin B6 and also riboflavin and also their calories come native carbs.

The freshly choose freshwater chestnuts have a different taste to the crate ones. They have actually a fruity and also nutty flavor which is likewise sweet – a small like a cross between an apple and also coconut. Vice versa, the canned ones have actually barely any flavor at all.

How to prepare water chestnuts: cooking recipes ideas

Canned water chestnuts are ready in a different method from the new ones. The top and also the bottom need to be cut off. They also need peeling and rinsing in cold water.

They can be peeled front of time and stored in cold water in your fridge. Rinse lock under heat running water before using them.

Here space some recipe concepts that girlfriend can add water chestnuts together a next dish:

Water chestnut cakeChicken lettuce wrapsBroccoli Beef Lo MeinBalsamic Pork Stir-FryBaked spring rolls

Related Questions:

Is a chestnut the very same as a water chestnut?

Tree chestnuts room shiny brown nuts that flourish from catkin flowers. Conversely, the water chestnuts space underground stems called corms or tubers and they need to be dug increase in order to harvest them. So no, they are not the same, and they taste different.

How to chef water chestnuts?

All you have to do is put them in a tiny bowl and pour over 2 tablespoons that olive oil. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon that salt and ½ tablespoon of black color pepper over the chestnuts. Line the mixture till the water chestnuts room seasoned. Spread them over a pan and also roast them for 15 minutes.

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Do I require to chef water chestnuts?

Freshwater chestnuts deserve to be consumed raw however you have to peel them before eating. Whether you space using new or box water chestnuts in cooking, include them at the finish of the cooking time so the they maintain the maximum crunch and also fit fine in the recipe.