Collars and Necklaces are amongst the many used item in pet Jam. They frequently have a couple of rare ones among them as well. The Worn Spiked Collar is no exemption to that. Attract this Collar will make girlfriend look tough, and they will entice a many attention to her animal.

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The Worn Spiked Collar to be released ~ above June 22, 2017. It was sold at the Diamond Shop. You can find the Diamond Shop in ~ the Jamaa Township. Unfortunately, the Worn Spiked Collar was part of the Wild Weekend Spike Sale, which only lasted for 4 days. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase one. The article was marketed for 3 Diamonds.

In the picture above, you deserve to see what the Worn Spiked Collar looks like. It is composed of a special collar, and has a couple of tears and also cracks in it. Around the collar, you will certainly find huge spikes. Few of these spikes space either damaged, or completely fallen the end of the collar itself.

The collar is split into two halves, each half having a solitary color. The Worn Spiked Collar comes in a complete of eight different shade combinations, i beg your pardon you will see much more of below.

Worn Spiked Collar color Variants

The collar does not have a rarely variant. That was never released as a rare Item Monday, or on any type of special days in animal Jam. However, that is based upon the rarely Spiked Collar, and does watch quite comparable to it.

The Worn Spiked Collar is a non-member item, which way that Jammers might have easily derived it, even if they didn’t have an active membership. In the pictures below, you room able to view all the different shade combinations for the collars.

Blue and Orange v Cream Spikes

Black and also Red with Grey Spikes


Brown and Blue with Black Spikes


Purple and Lavender with Cream Spikes


Dark-green and also Light-green v Cream Spikes


Green and also Brown through Cream Spikes


Red and Pink with White Spikes


White and Purple through Cream Spikes


How to get Worn Spiked Collars

The Worn Spikes Collar is actually rather rare, especially due to the fact that it to be only obtainable for a very short period of time. If you no playing animal Jam throughout the Wild Weekend Spike Sale, you had actually no method of actually purchasing it. The sale was ago in 2017, and also has concluded lengthy ago. Let’s take it a watch if over there are any kind of ways the obtaining the collar if friend missed the sale.


Trading is yes, really the only method to still gain your hands on the Worn Spiked Collar. There room a decent amount of these collars approximately in Jamaa, especially since they were quite renowned when they were released. If you ask around, ns am certain there space Jammers that are willing to trade you because that a collar. Since the items is rather rare, friend will need to offer something beneficial in return. has actually a handy overview on just how to safely trade in animal Jam.

Adventure Prizes

There are at this time no known adventures that permit you to victory the collar as a prize. I have looked about if there were any an enig prizes, however unfortunately, there doesn’t it seems ~ to be any. That seems favor the only means to acquire the collar is by trading because that it with other Jammers.

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Worn Spiked Collar Codes

As mentioned above, I have actually done some research to view if that was possible to still get the Worn Spiked Collar. However, there are no codes because that this item. If you are looking for the collar, just leave a comment under below. There might be some Jammers approximately that are looking to profession you because that it.