typically used though never ever quite cited, the phrase “good things concerned those who wait” has been referenced in ~ a variety of Christian circles. This expression is regularly used together a word of encourage to those who uncover themselves in daunting circumstances. During their trials, castle hope because that God’s deliverance. Not learning when the deliverance will certainly come is whereby waiting occurs. Even if it is we have actually used the expression or not, Christians know that life is replete with suffering, and dealing with suffering for an extended duration of time deserve to be taxing.

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The great thing we await is in fact God’s deliverance, and finding ourselves the end of the bad and also in a brand-new preferred outcome. Despite this aphorism is positive at face-value and also definitely reflects a Scriptural explicate of patience, space these native taken native Scripture?

To price this question literally, the prize is no. The phrase “good things pertained to those that wait” is a quote cited together though it can be attributed to Scripture but actually did not originate with the Bible. The bible talks a good deal around waiting, yet this phrase isn’t among the verses. Thus, where precisely does this saying come from?

What Is the beginning and source of "Good Things come to Those that Wait"?

Abraham Lincoln is most famous for making use of this quote. “Things may come to those who wait, however only the things left by those who hustle.”

However, the former president did not originate the quote either. This quote actually started with a writer that lived throughout the 19th and also 20th Centuries. Her name was Lady mar Montgomerie Currie. As when Christians usage the phrase, the meaning in her words was also to encourage the listener to practice patience. She offered the phrase in her poem “Tout vient a qui sait attendre”.In this work, Lady Mary wrote under the pseudonym Violet Fane.

However, while the bible does not use this expression verbatim, we deserve to see v a number of passages in the bible that those who wait ~ above God are undoubtedly blessed. Good things do involved those who wait. The bible with all its various stories has actually a plethora of examples where civilization waited for good things adhering to a bad event. And no issue what kind it took, the great thing was constantly a blessing indigenous God.

Mary waited because that a child. Project waited because that restoration. Joseph waited in prison. The Israelites waited to uncover the Promised Land. There was a lot of waiting for believers then, and also the very same is true now. While one suffers, wait does no feel favor a great thing, but God walk promise a great outcome in the end. Scripture speak to this truth.

What walk the scriptures Say about good Things and also Waiting?

Search the bible for phrases like “deliver” and “wait” and there will be plenty of results to sift through. One an excellent example of waiting on the Lord originates from the book of Isaiah.

“but those that trust in the Lordwill renew their strength;they will certainly soar on wings choose eagles;they will certainly run and not come to be weary,they will certainly walk and not faint.”(Isaiah 40:31)

The totality of Isaiah 40 is a confident passage, do clear that apart native God, humankind is choose the grass, withering away, yet when dependent on God, we can live a life feeling renewed. The rejuvenation that God’s world experience in this thing is not immediate. Instead, over there is a process required whereby believers wait on God first. Just after waiting, and a display screen of to trust in God, deserve to Christians then receive the renewal. The was true then, and also this is true now.

Again, this passage mirrors the idea that deliverance due to the fact that God’s human being have endured negative circumstances, yet from the beginning of this passage until the end, the writer doesn’t just suggest waiting, they explain what great things come indigenous waiting. This promise of God help His people, in the end, should admonish united state to practice patience. Though that is constantly easier stated than done.

How deserve to Christians practice Patience in every Circumstances?

Ask any kind of Christian who has sustained a significant loss in life if waiting is hard. Ask anyone waiting for a brighter future if wait is hard. Even if it is you have actually experienced death, the lose of a relationship, a job, a home, or have actually been waiting for a while to secure a relationship, job, or home, you recognize that patience is regularly tested in life. And also having one’s patience tested deserve to be an extremely uncomfortable.

Despite the discomfort, the bible would no encourage believer to wait for God if the were impossible. “I am able to execute all things through him that strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

With this fact in mind, we recognize that together believers waiting on God is possible. And also we have the right to ascertain indigenous other places in Scripture the waiting top top God is vital. Though how deserve to we constantly be patience while us suffer?

The easiest way to be patient during trying circumstances is come recognize particular moments of gratitude. The idea sounds counterintuitive, however the holy bible makes a strong case for expressing gratitude no issue what season that life us face. We can feel grateful due to the fact that in the end, everything works out.

Not just that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, learning that enduring produces endurance, and endurance produce character, and character produce hope, and also hope walk not put us come shame, since God"s love has been poured into our hearts v the holy Spirit who has been offered to us.” (Romans 5:3-5)

The native rejoice means to take delight and appreciation in something. To rejoice in enduring is to take it appreciation in the unpleasant points that occur in our lives, understanding that we are transformed by our situations. Our development from suffering is one of the good things we can anticipate.

The other great thing we deserve to wait for is our experiencing to involved an end. Just like the happy times in life, the bad times likewise come to their end. No season lasts always, meaning we can wait on oh my god deliverance. We know that if he may not move as easily as we want, in the end, we will certainly overcome. It is His promise.

Waiting Is a an excellent Thing

As we have actually discussed and highlighted within the Bible, there space plenty of benefits to waiting. Great things do come to those that wait if they room waiting top top God. Patience is just one of the virtues of love pointed out in 1 Corinthians 13. And also we know through Scripture the love is even an ext important 보다 faith. “Now these three remain: faith, hope, and also love—but the greatest of this is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Waiting is a great thing, however hardly ever before is wait easy. Through the stories of waiting in the holy bible came many of anguish prior to God’s promised deliverance. Yet, we recognize that with these story God constantly comes through for His people. This method that God will likewise come through for us. When the phrase, “good things involved those that wait” may not be from God, the an interpretation of those indigenous is absolutely within Scripture.

The next time you find yourself waiting on God, you can take heart knowing that you have the right to expect God things. Encourage yourself v God’s assures to faithfulness of old, and His pendant now. Know that friend are included in His promise. If oh my god love endures forever, then we can be i was sure in our waiting. God will bring great things. We just need to wait and also see. When we gain to the other side, we will be glad we did.

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