Your Acura TSX is designed v a (Vehicle stability Assist) device which keeps friend safe as soon as driving problems are hazardous. As soon as the VSA light come on, your TSX may need fist in bespeak to obtain this crucial safety system up and also running again.

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VSA is a system that helps store you keep regulate in much less than appropriate driving conditions. It has actually two key functions:

Cornering– her TSX’s VSA mechanism attempt to keep your automobile going in the direction the you intended. In other words, the corrects any type of oversteer or understeer. Traction– If her Acura can’t get enough traction, the VSA mechanism will limit wheel slip in order to save you in control of the vehicle. It’ll likewise lower the engine speed to attain this.

VSA light Meaning: Acura TSX

There space warning lights linked with the VSA system. Lock are:

1. VSA system Light

The light provided simply together VSA is the mechanism indicator light. If it remains on, the is letting you know that there is some problem with the TSX’s VSA itself. Once the light comes on, Acura argues getting someplace safe and also restarting the engine. If the VSA light doesn’t come back on, friend are an excellent to go. If that does come earlier on, it is time to diagnose the issue, or take it it in to the shop.

2. Triangle with Exclamation Point

This VSA light indicates that the system is right now activated, which way that the is proactively helping save your TSX safe. If this light continues to be on at every times, that probably method that the VSA system has actually been switched off. This is easy enough to do, over there is a switch that says VSA ~ above it. Simply press it and see if this light transforms off. If it come on through the VSA light, it indicates there is a problem.


TSX VSA irradiate on Causes

Just like with any other significant vehicle problem, you’re going to want to get a analysis of your Acura’s diagnostic trouble codes. You deserve to use a an excellent code scanner,or you can take it to the regional parts store and see if they will certainly scan it for you. Most of lock do.

You’ll want to scan the ABS control unit, ECU, and also steering control. If you do opt to acquisition a code scanner, simply be mindful that the cheaper ones will regularly only check out the engine. That’s fine many of the time, however the trouble causing the VSA irradiate in your TSX can be in among the other regulate units.


Steering angle Sensor

The VSA offers the steering angle sensor to determine if the car is sharp in the direction that you space asking that go. If the is not functioning properly, the will reason the VSA irradiate to come on.

Wheel speed Sensor

The wheel speed sensors space responsible for security the wheel speed and also send it ago to the computer system system. If among the wheels is moving slower than the others, yet not as sluggish or fast as it need to in relationship to the steering angle, the VSA mechanism will action in and also correct the vehicle.

When this sensor is no longer sending a signal to her Acura’s VSA system, the is no much longer functioning properly and the VSA light will certainly be activated (typically the ABS light will certainly as well).

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ABS Module

The VSA device is run v the ABS System, which method that it deserve to be the ABS module that reasons the TSX’s VSA irradiate to come on.


More than many auto fix diagnostic issues, figuring the end why the VSA irradiate is staying on have the right to be tricky. A great code scanner is essential. Great luck!