The simple Elements the Music

The aspects of music have the right to be damaged down into three general categories: rhythm, harmony, and also melody. Every of these categories has a number of subcategories which i will specify below. I have also added some taped audio examples. Simply click to load them as you go.

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As a general category, rhythm refers to all the time-based aspects of music. Let’s examine the common aspects of rhythm and also how the relates to base playing…


Beat refers to the basic pulse that the music. Many music has actually a steady, recurring beat to it. Once you hear to music, you could be inclined to tap her foot to the beat.

One that your greatest responsibilities together a bass player is to preserve the continuous pulse the the music, or assist keep the beat.

Here"s an instance of the bass and drums creating a stable beat:


Meter refers to exactly how the pulse, or beat, of the music is divided and counted. Commonly, music is divided into repeated groups of 4 beats counted 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4…and so on. Plenty of other meters room possible. It’s feasible to counting in 3, 5, 12, or any other variety of beats. Part meters are much more common than others.

As a bassist, her basslines will aid define the meter that the music. Defining where win 1 wake up helps civilization to feel the meter. Often several musicians as a group do this, however you should be able to define the meter all on her own.

Without a reference, friend can"t call what the meter is:

By punctuating or defining beat 1 every 4 beats, you create a pulse in "4":

By punctuating or defining beat 1 every 3 beats, you create a pulse in "3":


Tempo refers to the speed of the music, or how fast or slow the to win of the music is.

Bass players, also as every one of the various other musicians, preserve the tempo through not increasing or slowing down the music as it is played.

A sluggish tempo:

A rapid tempo:


Rhythm, in a particular sense, refers to when and for exactly how long separation, personal, instance musical occasions occur. A music event could be all sorts of things – a single note, a group of notes, a percussive sound choose a drum, or even silence. Rate is about when come start and stop this musical events. The when the a musical occasion is called attack. The how long that a musical occasion is called duration.

There are numerous different rhythms and combinations that rhythms. Rhythms have various names, together as half note, 4 minutes 1 note, and eighth note, which indicate their duration. This will certainly be explained in later on lessons.

A huge part of play the base revolves about rhythm, and will be a the majority of what girlfriend study and also practice.

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A an easy rhythm may sound like:

A more facility rhythm top top a comparable idea may sound like:

Now, on to harmony...

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