Hebrew letters are not simply ordinary letters. Every letter is a symbol, complete of many inner meanings, from literal meaning straightforward meaning, to deeper spirituality meaning. Knowledge the letter provides necessary insight into the deeper interpretations of the Torah or the Bible.

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After studying the letter in depth the is not uncommon for many people to feel the the letter express some straight spiritual interaction that goes past words. In kabbalistic circles, meditation ~ above the letter is generally practiced to encourage this type of rapport with the letters.

Looking into the deeper definitions of the letters can transform and deepen our learning and also can lead us to deeper level of spiritual experience. Kabbalists will examine for numerous years to realize the good inner spiritual interpretations of the letters, so that is essential to realize the this post is a tiny entry suggest into a deeper ar of study, which might be adhered to for a lifetime.

Aleph an interpretation – 1st Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

Aleph is the first letter that the Hebrew alphabet and signifies the number one. Aleph indicates the Oneness and Unity that the Creator. It ideas that past the illusion of separation and duality is underlying Oneness – the nothing is separate and also the Creator is the source of everything.

The shape of the Aleph is two Yods י, one over and one below, v a diagonal line line, the Vav ו, in between them, representing the higher world and the reduced world, through the Vav separating and also connecting the two.

Aleph represents the creation of something from nothing. The is the vital symbol the beginnings and also ultimate truth that cannot be speak about, timeless, spaceless, and also present everywhere. The is the One the cannot it is in divided, representing perfection beyond human comprehension.

Beith meaning – 2nd Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

Beith is the 2nd letter the the Hebrew alphabet, signifying the number two. Beith is the first letter of the story of creation, beginning the entire Torah/Bible –ברא בראשית.

Beith represents the start of duality, with the One Creator bringing forth a created world, so the there deserve to be both a giver (the Creator) and also a recipient (the produced world) because that the Creator to bestow upon. This creates a dramatic leap from absolute Oneness come the capability for over there to it is in two. It likewise creates the opportunity for every duality and also opposites – yes and also no, hot and cold, man and also woman, up and down, etc.

Beith’s literal an interpretation and kind denote a house, and also it represents the universal concept of a container or vessel. Hence the created people is intended to home within it the spiritual. The physical civilization is expected to be a place for the Creator’s glory to manifest. The human body is expected to save the soul, allowing it come act in this world. The dual world actually contains within that the can be fried Oneness, however concealed. The Beith is the tool, the resource of all building, containing and then pass forth every one of the other letters.

Gimel Hebrew meaning – 3rd Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

After Beith creates the visibility of 2 opposites, Ghimel is the 3rd principle which arises to resolve and also harmonize this opposites. Ghimel links and balances between the Aleph and also Beith. The is a dynamic balance between opposing powers, therefore Ghimel is a letter of continuous transformation, change and motion, and translates literally together camel, an pet we associate v motion and travel between faraway places. Ghimel has the opposites the both giving and receiving, and reward and also punishment, creating balance and motion in between these opposites.

Ghimel resolves the giver and also receiver (Aleph and also Beith), for this reason it to represent giving and also receiving. It represents kindness and also cultivation, the essential nurturance that reasons things to grow (Hebrew Gamol גמול way nourish till ripe, גמילה – wean child, ripen fruit ). גמול also method giving and also the foot of the Ghimel is claimed to stand for the rich male running to provide charity come the poor (represented by the 4th letter דלת). The signifies the Creator’s eternal benevolence to every creation, materialized with abundant life and also prosperity.

The Ghimel also represents reward and punishment. Words גמול represents the giving of both reward and also punishment. The laws of the created people are based upon the dominion of judgment – blessings are able to circulation to those who carry out good, while wrongdoing block the receipt the goodness and abundance. Thus both kindness and also justice are maintained in balance.

Dallet meaning – 4th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

Dallet דלת is the word for door, gate and indicates resistance and also the state the selflessness and also humility required to pass with it. It indicates how to pass v the entrances to know one’s own mystery of being and also return to the strength of the Aleph – the One source of every creation and also being. The Dallet is in the form of a bent end man, signifying the humility and also receptiveness. It to represent Bitul, the self-nullification, or nullification of the ego, important to establish ones inherent connection to the Creator. Also, that is the structure, form and the diligence required to receive.

Dallet is also Dalit דלית, the poor man, that receives from benevolence that the Creator, represented by Gimel. The is the present that as humans, we having nothing of ours own, but are entirely dependent on the creator and that every breath and also movement is provided to united state from Him.

Finally, the Dallet represents structure. Its type of a horizontal and also vertical heat represents a grid, providing structure to the form. It is shaped choose a stair-step, the structure and also overcoming the resistance required to study. Once Dallet is in someone’s name it indicates solid will, diligence, perseverance, patience, capacity to concentrate, organization, planning, building. It mirrors us the structure and stability forced to receive.

Hei meaning – 5th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

Hei represents magnificent revelation, the breath that the Creator (Psalm 33:6 – By words of the lord the heavens to be made, and also by the breath that his mouth all their host.) The world was produced with the utterance the the Hei. It represents the gift that life and creates the verb of gift (היה Haya – being). That is divinity, the spirituality life the comes around through the very first four letters. It to represent the life significance in all creation. The symbolizes the effortlessness of the world and also is the prize of divinity, gentility, and specificity. It contains within that the liberty of choice. Hei is among the letters of the holy Name, offering it a special definition within the Aleph-beith.

Vav an interpretation – 6th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

Vav is the strength to unite whatever that is be separated in creation. Literally Vav way hook or peg and the Hebrew letter is a vertical line ו. It to represent the Kav, the vertical line extension of the Creator’s perfection right into the developed world, in order to constantly direct it, guiding the bicycle of presence step through step, until ultimately the perfect Oneness that the Creator which underlies all of creation is revealed. Vav is related to the Orr Yashar, the straight light of the Creator, beginning the world.

As the connector, Vav includes the power to connect heaven and earth. It have the right to be taken into consideration like a hose, or a tube, which connects and also bestows all the energy of the shefa שפע variety from over down come the developed beings. It to represent the ladder the Jacob Yaakov – rooted in earth, with its head in the heavens. It is the expansion of the vital dot Yod י, which every one of creation comes forth from. The Vav deserve to teach us the state of consistent presence essential to attach our own heaven and also earth (physical and also spiritual aspects).

Vav to represent the number 6 and represents the six days of the creation of the world, and also the 6 physical size (right left, front and back, up and down). The Vav is additionally representative the the masculine phallus, the fertilizing agent, happen life, abundance, continuity, and also addition.

Zayin Hebrew meaning – 7th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Zayin is shaped favor a sword and is the price of spirit, sustenance, and also struggle. It represents the 7th day of Shabbat (Sabbath), the day of rest and also spirituality, which completes the procedure of the 6 days of creation. It consists of the 6 days and also six direction of physical reality, but also stands as a distinctive 7th principle or energy, the heart which activates the physical. The Zayin is the resource of all movement. That is one impregnating principle, i m sorry activates the creation.

Zayin is attracted with a Vav through a crown on height of it. The Vav is pertained to the Ohr Yashar, the direct light that the Creator coming down into the created world. The Zayin relates come the Ohr Hozer, the returning light, which adheres to the path of the vav to return and then spreads out once it reaches the crown. The Zayin impregnates all of life and enables the Vav come spread, opening the field of every possibility

Shaped favor a sword, the Zayin represents all movement. It to represent the struggle between opposites, the battle for existence, the battle for sustenance (מזון). It is the struggle between Yaakov Jacob and also the angel. It is the strength within a human being that causes them come speak, initiate, live. Interestingly, Zayin is likewise the resource of rest. That teaches us to harmonize between the spirit and also perfection concerned the 7th day of rest, and also the matter of the 6 days of work.

Heith definition – 8th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

Heith is the letter that life חיים. The represents unlimited possibilities. It is regardless of substance and also energy, containing every the possibilities that might come into being. Heith indicates the ability of the person to rise and go beyond nature. It is pertained to the Neshama, the soul. It represents the power of selection which is provided by the soul, and the features of charm and also grace חן i beg your pardon stem from the soul.

Heith is choose a revolving gateway, a strength to get in a higher level, to go into the mysteries that one’s soul, and then go back to worldly consciousness. The ancient form of the letter looks favor a ladder 

, indicating the capability to go over and beyond limitations. And also as the letter for 8, it additionally signifies transcending nature, as stood for by the 7 work of creation. It is the essence of the human being come break with nature, to spirituality realization. That is likewise in words for prophecy hazon חזון, and wisdom hochmah חוכמה.

eith definition – 9th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

Teith, the ninth Hebrew letter has actually a literal definition of basket or nest, and also is the symbol of the good טוב in every creation. It needs to do v purity and also impurity, teaching united state to select the good, and likewise the currently that even within the poor things that happen, there is surprise good. Teith likewise represents femininity, pregnancy. It includes the kindness and mercy the creation and also the rule that whatever is eternal and nothing is ever lost.

Teith’s essence is feminine, representing the number 9 because that the 9 month of pregnancy, and also shaped like a womb, a spiral, a container where things adjust and transform. That is the ar of manifestation, the essence of the feminine that includes all in her. The infinite is consisted of in Teith and it brings about the finite.

The Teith consists of the Hesed (kindness and also mercy) that creation. That teaches united state to distinguish in between the good and the bad, and by picking the great to clean and also purify and thereby to perform that i beg your pardon is impossible, come erase the bad deed the was done. It consists of the principle the nothing is lost, naught is wasted, and also all is eternal. The Teith is the container the creates the capability of Tikkun – that all souls space attracted to life through one objective – to restore all to an excellent as at the beginning.

 Yod meaning – Tenth Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The 10th Hebrew letter Yod is a dot or point. The Yod represents the Creator, the single point indigenous which every one of creation emerges, and also the Unity within multiplicity. It is the structure of all foundations, the hidden divine spark which causes everything to be. It represents the strength of the heart to govern and also guide the matter.

Yod is a prize of the holy One, the Creator, because the divine name starts with Yod. Small in form, the meaning of the Yod is great. According to kabbalistic tradition, all of creation came forth from a solitary point – a suggest which to represent God’s infinite presence inside of the finite world.

Yod also represents the idea that Unity within Multiplicity, the one totality that is made up of parts. Yod as we view is a solitary point, but its worth is 10. It shows us that numerous grains of sand are provided to do one pot, plenty of pages consist of one book, plenty of drops of water consist of the ocean. There are many occurrences in the world, yet they every stem native One God, perfect and indivisible. It also represents the 10 Sefirot. In Yod, the multiplicity returns to unity.

The yod is an limitless dot, the essence of every life. The is the structure of all foundations. Everything comes from it and returns come it. It is a hidden dot beyond imagination – formless, the source of every thought, past all thoughts, beyond time and space. The is the an enig hidden principle of the world that us can’t perceive. That is the divine spark the life the is in every single being. It cannot be grasped, yet is in every cabinet of her body, resulting in you come exist. It has actually no fixed or density, time or space. In it is the power of the heart to govern and also guide the matter of the material world.

Khaf an interpretation – 11th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

Khaf, the 11th letter the the Hebrew Alphabet, method literally the cupped palm of the hand. It is choose a cupped, outstretched palm, ready to receive. The form of every containers – a bowl, a cup, a jar, is based on that simple curved shape, and also Khaf to represent the idea of a container. It to represent form. A home is a form that consists of the goings on of the world inside it; a body is a form which includes the life and energy the the person. The develops of the physical human being are whereby the spiritual significance of life is able come manifest. The Khaf also teaches united state to shape ourselves- to bending the ego and also shape our character.

The Khaf is what gives type to the matter. It consists of all the possibilities the containing, building, and also forming every existence. It is the letter of formation, bending the directly line right into a bent shape. It likewise symbolizes the crown that the Torah – Keter כתר.

Khaf teaches united state to bend and also govern our tendencies, and also to shape our character. That teaches united state humility, the we should bend our ego and also the resistances in our character. It teaches us molding, sorting, comparing. We need to bend the matter to the spirit and also the heart to the matter, continually connecting the thought of wisdom, v the action and doing of it. That is not enough to have a believed to carry out good, you must uncover a means to manifest that in reality. The Khaf also teaches us around what us contain. Execute we contain problems and an adverse thoughts? Or carry out we contain what we many aspire to, in bespeak to do it right into a reality?

Lammed meaning – 12th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

Lammed, the 12th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is the symbol of learning. It is analyzed literally as the word for learning and likewise staff or goad. It is situated at the center of the aleph-beith and represents the heart Lev לב; in kabbalah learning is greatly done v the heart and also soul, not simply the mind. The Lammed shows that spiritual finding out is the heart of human existence. Man’s course in life is come learn and also express spiritual teachings and also practice through every breath of life.

Lammed reaches greater than any kind of of the various other Hebrew letters, like a lighthouse high in the air. The form of the lammed is an undulating movement, and the lammed represents continuous organic movement, consistent change. Lammed is the lightning to win of power descending down the 2 sides that the Tree that Life. Lammed teaches united state to find out from whatever in life. After one has governed your tendencies in Khaf and also no longer has the blockages that the ego interfering, castle can start to learn the spiritual perfection that their own self, and to learn the laws, will, and also ways the the Creator. This is the process of finding out to align through the will certainly of the Creator.

Mem meaning – 13th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The letter Mem is water mayim מים, the waters that wisdom, knowledge, the Torah. Representing both waters and also manifestation, it is the capability to dive deep right into the wisdom. That is said that in every human is the thirst for the native of the Creator, which are the waters of life. The open mem refers to the revealed elements of providence, when the closeup of the door mem refers to the concealed component of the celestial dominion that nevertheless guides united state and every one of existence. Mem likewise represents the time essential for ripening and also indicates to us the prestige of balanced emotions and of humility.

Mem corresponds to the number 40 and also represents the time crucial for the ripening procedure that leads to fruition. (40 days for the breakthrough of the embryo, 40 years in the desert before reaching the holy land, 40 years advancement before Moses was all set to it is in the leader of Israel).

The mem likewise teaches us about balanced emotions – balancing the watery motions of ours feelings. And it is about humility – water is the problem that constantly runs downhill come the shortest place.

 Nuun meaning – 14th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The Nuun is the price of faithfulness (ne’eman נאמן), heart (Neshama נשמה), and also emergence. The nuun means humility, as it is bend both over and below. It to represent the spirit Neshama, the heavenly spark housed in the earthly container that the body. In Aramaic, Nuun means fish, so Nuun deserve to be thought of together the fish the swims in the waters the the Torah, represented by Mem מ. That is associated to fertility, continuity and the capacity to increase and also multiply. Nuun additionally stands for the 50 entrances of Wisdom that Binah.

Nuun indicates constant presence and the humility the the soul. The heart is silent, bent, and humble constantly offering light however staying hidden. The Nuun shows that to it is in bound come the Creator’s will, no our own personal egoistic way, we must bend over and below. Nun shows the relationship in between the body, i m sorry is impermanent, and also the soul, which never ever dies. It deserve to teach us about the nature that time and space.

Nun additionally represents flow, teaching united state to be supple and also flexible like the fish rather of resisting change. If we can be conscious of the within guide, the Neshama, we need never fear since the Creator is always present with us.

Samekh an interpretation – 15th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Samekh is the symbol of support, protection, and also memory. It means to skinny upon, support, uphold. The perimeter of Samekh denotes the Creator and also its internal denotes his creation, that he continually supports and also upholds and protects. It represents the Orr Makif bordering Light that Kabbalah, denote the basic providence the the Creator, surrounding and also sustaining all of existence, even as we perceive ourselves as separate. The Samekh is the container of all forms.

Samekh teaches united state circular thinking. It tells united state to think because that the great of the whole, not simply one’s me (an capacity which comes from the Neshama soul), and also to be inclusive that everything and everyone. It is the principle that the wisdom is not had in simply one vessel, in just one person, yet is dispersed in all beings. The Samekh teaches united state that in order to recognize out Creator, we have to obtain out the our limited selves, out of what we know and the limitations of the physical, so we can contact our crucial inner self. We need to empty ourself in bespeak to be filled.

The Samekh teaches united state that when we have actually learned to clean oneself of every the negativities and distortions, regulated the ego, found true humility and learned to listen to the within voice of our souls, that we are instantly guarded, supported and helped. The mix of Nun and also Samekh נס Nes method miracle. Once we have actually learned the lessons of these 2 letters, us can find what the miracle yes, really is.

 Ayin meaning – 16th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew letter Ayin means eye and also correspondingly, the Ayin needs to do v vision and also bringing soon lights that room hidden. Ayin teaches united state to see beyond and also relates come time. It is the facet of the visionary, to see not simply what is keep going in former of us, yet to envision beyond that – to understand one’s direction 5, 10, 100 years ahead and also beyond. The pronunciation of the Ayin is likewise very far-reaching – it is frequently mispronounced together a silent letter comparable to the Aleph, yet Ayin’s exactly sound is a guttural throat sound which stimulates the thyroid gland.

Ayin is contained in a an excellent number that words linked with time (עת – time, שעה – hours, עתיד – future, עבר – past, רגע – moment, עוד – until, עד – eternity) and vision. As an example, mine kabbalah teacher said a story when of his grand as a an extremely old man, out in the yard of the family members house, moving huge rocks, clearing the land, producing a garden and also planting trees. My teacher inquiry – “Why was my grandfather planting those trees? the was too old and they would certainly not mature in time to feed him.” it was since he was planting them because that the following generation ahead, past himself. The is vision. The teaches us to recognize the cause and effect in our lives- exactly how past actions result in future outcomes, and also how come think for the future.

Ayin implores us to open up our eyes, to see beyond the physical. The Ayin is supposed to take united state from dark come light. That urges united state to break through the wall surfaces of restrictions in stimulate to see what is not yet visible to us.

For Ayin’s exactly sound, check out this video.

Peh meaning – 17th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew letter Peh method mouth and refers to the power of speech. In Kabbalah, decided is actually thought about to it is in a spiritual power, which deserve to cause great or evil depending upon how it is used. In a certain way, what one think is how one is, and what one speaks has actually the strength to become. Violent words lead to violent actions. The top quality of the speech is taken into consideration to be the top quality of the life’s essence and an innovative existence. The Peh teaches united state to view our native as priceless as gold, not to be flood haphazardly.

The shape of the Peh is a Khaf v a Yod inside of it. This represents the spirituality spark of the Neshama soul, contained inside the physics body. Through words and silence us can communicate the significance of our soul and also existence. This calls for that the inner and also outer life enhance – that the physical existence is totally aligned manifesting the spiritual intentions the the spirit within it. Together it claims in the Talmud Baba Metsiah “Don’t speak one point with the mouth and another v the heart.” The Yod is additionally the Nekudah SheBaLev, the point in the heart which spiritual awakening starts from. However, alignment of the physical through the spiritual level is no simple task. The normal balance that a human life is perhaps 1% or less spiritual and also 99% physical, yet the kabbalists to speak that right balance between these two would actually be the reverse.

The power of the Peh is a double-edged sword. As it says in Proverbs 18:21 “Life and death are in the hand of the tongue.” because of this, the Peh to represent the requirement to administrate one’s own nature. Routine speech, speech to manipulate, all the distortions the speech need to give way to the town hall speech together a miracle, together gold too precious to be spilled. Then speech deserve to be offered for its true purpose – come speak one’s destiny and also to activate heart through the thoughts and also the speech.

Tsadde definition – 18th Letter that the Hebrew Alphabet

The Tsadde represents the Tsaddik, the human who is just, and also the justice of the Creator. The Tzaddik strives to it is in true, love justice and also fairness, directly and fully honest v their conscience. The idea is that the human being is broken so every human must confront their very own evil and also learn to gain back it. The literal meaning of Tsadde is a fishing hook.

Righteousness and humility are the two defining traits the the Tsaddi. The form of the Tzaddi is a Nuun v a yod riding on top it. This signifies the the essence of the Creator, who animates all matter, guides and dwells within the one who is humble, together symbolized by the Nuun. Another key trait is hiddenness. The Tzaddik is hidden since they appear as an ordinary person, despite their an excellent spiritual stature.

Khof Meaning– 19th Letter the the Hebrew Alphabet

The letter Khof (also assignment Kuf, or Qof) initially meant the earlier of the head, or the eye that a needle and also which also method monkey. The is the symbol of both the sacred Kedushah קדושה, and also the profane – the Klipah קליפה, the peel, cover, or husk which to represent the negativities in the world. Khof has to do through the necessity of removing the rice bowl of the superficial to reveal the holiness within.

In Hebrew, Khof method monkey, a creature which resembles a human however is completely animalistic, through none that the greater capacities that a human. This shows the need for a person to conquer his completely animalistic nature and also to emulate the picture of the Creator that is do in, to establish his true spiritual nature past just the physical. The Khof is the just letter i beg your pardon extends below the line of the various other letters, indicating descent into the reduced world, but likewise the capacity to ascend from there.

Kuf is likewise הקפה – circle, walk around. Khof represents every the cycles of nature, changing seasons, monthly and also yearly cycles. The is the constant movement, circulation, and readjust of life. It could also represent that with the cycles of life that we watch – evolution, growth, change, suffering, happiness, life suffer – we space constantly worked on in order to evolve and also realize our true spiritual nature.

Reish definition – 20th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Reish, the 20th Hebrew letter, method head, leader and also beginning. The is the symbol of choosing in between greatness and also degradation. In that is words for negative רש Rash, but when that is to fill the strength of the Aleph it i do not care Rosh ראש, head or first, to express the Firstness, Oneness, and Eternity of the Creator, and also the characteristics of gift a leader, no a follower.

Reish is a container, just as Beith(2) and Khaf(20) are containers. But while Khaf represents develops such as a cup or house, Reish(200) to represent containing the infinite, exponential growth. It additionally represents the consistent transition, flow and readjust of life. The is like a constant flow of energy, breaking through, break down into pieces, and building anew.

The Reish likewise relates to the Reshimo רשימו, the spiritual DNA we room meant to check out in life. It has the tricks of Beresheet בראשית, the beginning. As words ראש Rosh Head, it additionally refers to the tricks of the Crown Keter כתר, the highest possible of the Sephirot.

 Shin Hebrew definition –21st Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Shin, the 21st Hebrew letter is the letter that fire and transformation. Shin literally way tooth and its shape is 3 branches of flame. These room the 3 pillars the the tree that life, getting to high prefer flames, wash and clean and an altering the condition of ours lives, teaching us to end up being aligned through the entirety of Creation. It likewise represents the right and also left excessive opposites and also the necessity to balance them by complying with the central pillar, the middle way.

Both the tooth and also fire definitions of Shin describe it together a procedure of transformation, breaking down, grinding into particles, structure anew, cooking, the firing of a clay pot into a form. The whole process of transformation, healing, breaking and restoring. The fire additionally represents the unchangeable, the unmovable, and thus is a price of divine power. The spirit constantly transforms the matter, yet remains unchanged itself. Matter changes constantly, however the spirit within does not change, so every one of life is a procedure of learning to align v that unchangeable essence. Shin is the flame of the spirit, i m sorry we have to keep always burning within us.

Finally, the Shin teaches united state balance. The is created of 3 Vavs, the 3 pillars of the tree the life. The right tower is the kindness and also mercy, the left of strict justice and also truth. The human being cannot proceed without both, for this reason we need to balance between the two. In all aspects of life, us must find the middle method between the opposites and also extremes.

Tav Hebrew meaning – 22nd Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

Tav is the last letter the the Hebrew Alphabet. An interpretation mark, sign, omen, or seal, the is the price of truth, perfection, and also completion. It to represent the repair Tikkun תיקון of all of existence. That is a go back to the essence and purpose of one’s life. It represents completion, before beginning again through the original Oneness the the Aleph.

The Tav reflects us the the finish was collection from the beginning, as Tav is the final letter of בראשית Beresheet, “In the Beginning”, the an initial word that the Torah/Bible. That is the idea that the Creator collection in motion every one of existence in stimulate to with a final state of perfection, the fulfillment of all of creation. That is likewise the perfect of reality אמת Emet.

However, as quickly as the Tav is reached, we start again automatically by going back to the Aleph, the one source of everything. The end is never really the end, however the beginning of miscellaneous new.

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How many Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet?

There space 22 letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, 27 if the finals are contained (5 letters have final forms in which the letter is written differently when it come at the finish of a word). 

Hebrew Alphabet PDFCredits

Kabbalist Samuel Avital, collection of the Sparks Kabbalah Seminars – 2006 to 2017