So you desire to divide your portion 2/9 by your totality number 3, right? You"re in the ideal place. In this straightforward walkthrough guide, we"ll display you specifically what you have to do to division any portion by a totality number (it"s at sight simple). Keep analysis to find out!

If you"ve ready any kind of of our portion walkthroughs before, you"ll know we always kick the present off with a rapid recap because that the kids. The number over the dividing line is the numerator, and the number listed below the heat is the denominator. An easy stuff however sometimes we can all get a small forgetful!

To visualize the concern we are trying come solve, let"s placed 2/9 and also 3 side-by-side so it"s simpler to see:

So below is the extremely easy means to number out what 2/9 split by 3 is. All we must do right here is save the numerator specifically the exact same (2) and multiple the denominator by the whole number:

Can it maybe be that simply to divide a portion by a whole number? Yup. I dislike to disappoint you however this could be the easiest problem you"ve had to resolve all job long!

In some cases the new fraction we have after performing the calculation can be simplified down further to lower terms but, in this case, the portion is already in its lowest form.

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You"re done! You now know specifically how to calculation 2/9 split by 3. Hopefully you construed the procedure and deserve to use the same approaches to divide various other fractions by whole numbers.

Convert 2/9 split by 3 to Decimal

Here"s a small bonus calculation for you to conveniently work out the decimal format of the portion we calculated. When you have actually your final fraction, just divide the numerator by the denominator to acquire your price in decimal form:

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