A revised, compact combination of chassis and also engine, equipment with progressed electronics, efficient suspension and radial-mount brakes come not only make an ext power and also accelerate more difficult but likewise to take care of better, v the score being a quicker lap time about a racetrack. Overlook the lights and also mirrors and also the fact that this is additionally the cleanest to run four-cylinder 600cc motorcycle that Suzuki has ever built, and also it is straightforward to imagine the GSX-R600 rolling directly out the a gyeongju shop.

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Fresh the end of Suzuki’s is the 2008 GSX-R600. It is the GSX-R of middleweight class, a product that Suzuki’s legendary Integrated style approach. A an equipment designed and also refined through a team that talented engineers working together to build a motorcycle that delivers balanced Performance.



Suzuki released the very first GSX-R in 1992 together a sportbike special a water-cooled 599cc inline-four, DOHC, 16-valves engine emerging 106 hp (79 KW)
12,600 rpm. This an initial model had actually the exact same body specifications as the ’92 GSX-R 750W, but given to the smaller engine, the wasn’t the fast.The future year, 1993, carried visual update consisting in new graphics and red wheels.1996 observed a much more refined engine featuring the same characteristics however which created that exact same power the 106 hp (78 KW)
10,000 rpm. Let’s say the this was simply a preview of the evolutionary steps that Suzuki had actually prepared for its GSX-R600.Suzuki engineers taken into consideration that their middleweight representative must be lighter and, although special a smaller sized amount that horsepower, it would certainly be easier to handle and also to regulate it end the powerband. The idea was used on the 1997 design year which currently weight 174 kg (384 lbs) instead of 208 kg (459 lbs) and developed 97 hp
12,100 rpm. 1997 stood because that a good evolutionary step so the bike to be blue/white or red/black pained.Suzuki appreciated its success because that a year further yet it didn’t setup to rest on that laurels and it didn’t.In 1999, the Suzuki GSX-R600 was presented as the motorcycle currently featuring a water-cooled 600cc inline-four, DOHC, 16-valves arising now a more easy to control 110 hp (80,9 KW)
10,000 rpm. It became really successful and also desired everywhere the world. Graphics to be also new so it could enjoy the success completely.It did it because that a pair of years (1999 and also 2000) however they very first had to line up to Suzuki’s line of GSX-R’s.Suzuki preserved doing what it brand-new best and that to be to alleviate weight and increase power. Together a result of that, the 2001 model year endured a far-reaching weight reduction and it currently weight 163 kg (359 lbs) along with the 115 hp (85 KW)
10,500 rpm boost of power. That version year could be bought Blue/White or Black/Yellow painted. The brand-new Suzuki had complied with the evolution of its bigger brother, the GSX-R750 and the influence proved to be benefic.You more than likely suppose the the 2002 version remained the same yet it did function a new 67.6 Nm
10,800 rpm. Suzuki extracted the best out that its engine and also it wasn’t an alleged to miss even a step that small. This version year additionally brought the Telefonica Movistar Replica available by Suzuki.2003 observed the introduction of Black/Yellow, Black/Gray paint schemes and also a new special Z Alstare version, except the normal Black/White.For 2004 the GSX-R600 is virtually a brand-new bike, there’s that much new goodies top top it. The list starts with one all-new twin-spar black-coated frame that’s 15mm narrower, proceeds with a fuel tank that’s 20mm narrower at the knees, footpegs that are 100mm closer together, brand-new rear shock and completely adjustable turning back 43mm front forks, and also finishes with an all-new four-piston radial-mount front brake caliper, activate by a radial-piston master cylinder, a distinctive feature that the GSX-R600. The 599cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve engine emerged an great 126 bhp (92.7 KW)
13,000 rpm and 69.6 Nm
10,800 rpm. It could be bought special Black/Red, Blue/White or Yellow repaint schemes.Practically the very same bike as the ahead model, apart for the new graphics, the 2005 Suzuki GSX-R600 only introduced a headlight that switched off during startup in order come reduce pack on the battery.To memory the 20th anniversary that the GSX-R models, Suzuki presented a minimal Anniversary execution of the GSX-R600 (GSX-R600X). It was still the exact same bike yet it had special 20th anniversary colors and also graphics v numbered emblem and special ignition key, a black color muffler with racing style end cap and 20th Anniversary logo, GSX-R750-style trapezoidal radiator, unique designed brake discs, tinted windscreen, racing-style sliders, Iridium spark plugs and also blue fancy chain. This proves that Suzuki knows to memory in style and set up a an excellent background because that future generations.In 2006, the GSX-R600 was all-new. The engine was brand-new and the chassis was new. They to be both lighter and more powerful therefore they made this bike faster than any kind of of the ahead models. Scaled down in size however with a far-ranging increase in power, the 2006 Suzuki GSX-R600 was now 15mm shorter in overall length, and also 25mm shorter in in its entirety height. The seat was also 15mm lower, and the footpegs can be moved right into three different positions in ~ a 14 mm horizontal and also vertical angle.The 2006 model additionally implemented better aerodynamics (5% far better to it is in precise), through a far better power-to-weight ratio, large powerband, and instant accelerator response. The instrument cluster featured now a equipment position indicator. Colors to be White/Blue, Red/Black, Black/Gray, and also Silver/White.2007 surprised the GSX-R600 without any changes as the cycle featured the 2006 frame and the very same engine building leading to the advancement of 125 bhp
13,500 rpm and 67.7 Nm
11,500 rpm. Waiting for the arrival of an even greater version, Suzuki presented the Red/White and also Black shade schemes. Also, the White/Blue was complemented through a darker version v Black instead of White.



On a really competitive market, every solitary manufacturer produces its finest for the 600cc class in stimulate to acquire notoriety and also satisfy customers v their middleweight group products.If 2007 gave any kind of clue, the Honda CBR600RR has actually only just started to write its heritage in the annals the 600-class performance. What makes the 600RR so great are the systems that right it and also these are: double Stage Fuel Injection, Pro-Link behind suspension, HESD electronic steering damper. What finish the bike space the brand-new colors for 2008. This identify Honda to claim that there’s no various other 600cc prefer it, and there never will be.Almost almost everywhere you watch on the 2008 R6 you’ll find something new, consisting of YCC-I, Yamaha Chip regulate Intake. It’s bristling with lots of refinements and knowledge got from year of racing. You deserve to confidently say the YZF-R6 is one of the most advanced production 600cc motorcycle Yamaha has ever built.A true gyeongju winner, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R sportbike caught a 1-2 complete in the 2007 Daytona 200 and also placed 1-2 in the 2007 AMA Supersport championship, many thanks to a mergers of 600-class power and also Grand Prix handling. The result is an interesting racetrack weapon capable of cornering speeds previously unknown come the middleweight class while retaining the broad spread of power that is pure Ninja.


2008 Suzuki GSX-R and also Kawasaki ZX-6R

Suzuki developers took treatment of the GSX-R600’s look and also the motorcycle functions a completely different appearance because that 2008. Go you expect at miscellaneous else? I definitely didn’t! Packed with exciting new styling and increased lighting and also aerodynamics, the middleweight class has a true sharp-looking foe to struggle against. A an extremely cool and aggressive keep in mind is offered by the new exhaust device that is as substantial as it can get and also still maintains a discrete note.Impressive because that this model year, is the White/Silver color scheme complied with by the Blue/White, Silver/Yellow, and also Black/Matte Black.

Test Drive

I have actually a special, relaxed mindset before jumping ~ above a GSX-R and the 600 version made no exception. Ns it’s was the calm prior to the storm.I quickly uncovered myself appropriately accommodated and ready to walk so I start the engine and also let that worm a tiny bit. I automatically noticed just how the cycle smoothly operates in ~ idle and also seems all set to go and do every little thing it take away to carry out the finest feelings ever before on a 600cc motorcycle. Trying to acquire the best out of that lightweight 599cc four-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, I preserved it into an initial and observed what a an excellent performer the is under tough acceleration. Also, as soon as exiting a corner, responsiveness comes from that really same engine provides sure to accomplish all the requests feasible without how amazing the rider.I quickly got provided to the new bike as it is a true confidence-provider and I wanted to additional test it for engine possibilities, maneuverability, and feedback.While i was widely opening the accelerator and an altering long equipment after also longer gear, i noticed the the engine depends on its wide rpm variety in stimulate to store the speed growing on and on forever. In fact, this is the feeling I obtained: infinity. The wonderfully-tuned engine in cooperation with a gearbox special close-ratios, are suitable for adrenaline junkies and experts in the class.I don’t take into consideration myself an expert however I did controlled to acquire the best out of the on the track and also the decent lap times, even though due to the bike’s performance and aerodynamic features, couldn’t be acquired without a tool rider. This proves that Suzuki had a clear believed while designing the GSX-R600: race-inspired functions will an outcome into a good performing motorcycle which will be still enough user-friendly and also comfortable because that the average sports rider.Handling this 600cc an equipment is an pure dream due to the fact that Suzuki took care of the rider’s demands and also needs and presented straightforward to master machine with a little bit of exercise. This is because of the bike’s aluminum-alloy framework that implements five cast sections and also delivers an ideal expected balance the rigidity for boosted maneuverability and weight losses.The redesigned front and rear suspension mechanism in teamwork with the tires carry out excellent feedback and virtually establish the essential communion between rider and machine. In mine chase, this leaded to good overall feeling of the bike and also confidence also in the most aggressive-approached corners. This is no referral for you to go the end there and start leaning as much as you deserve to if you simply bought the bike. Ns did that once I feel confident and after the communion to be established.I do recommend girlfriend to quickly pull the bar that actions the radial mount 4 piston prior brake calipers working together with the new lightweight 310mm prior brake rotors and also the revised prior brake grasp cylinder. Girlfriend will instantly feel rate reduction and also ground underneath her feet. I should say the the 2008 Suzuki GSX-R600 left me through the finest impression possible and i can’t wait for one more go v it. It merely makes certain that its rider’s commands are obediently followed and also it never ever before sends complains. It is the great!


Imagine a performance package that would carry out you with all the vital and much more while still featuring extraordinarily beautiful present on a an excellent retail price. The package is now well-known as the 2008 Suzuki GSX-R600, a supersport motorcycle readily available for one MSRP the $9,399.


Suzuki gained good heritage with its much more than two years of developing the GSX-R collection and it mirrors on the brand-new GSX-R600. The reality that the cooking recipes combining an excellent power in a light and maneuverable package is best used by this manufacturer is a genuine proof of strong development, accuracy and also an eye in the direction of the future.


Engine and Transmission

Chassis and Dimensions

Suspension Front: Cartridge-type, coil spring, completely adjustable spring preload, rebound and also compression damping.

to update compact and also lightweight 599cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine design with raised performance and also responsiveness in mind. New electronic fuel injection system attributes Suzuki dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) device – with double fuel injectors every cylinder and new compact 8-hole, well spray injectors for enhanced fuel atomization. Combustion chamber form is new and attributes an enhanced compression ratio of 12.8:1 for maximum performance. Brand-new forged aluminum alloy pistons are designed to occupational with enhanced compression ratio, new iridium spark plugs and also updated combustion chamber shape. Brand-new exhaust camer tappets diameters space now larger at 25.0mm for boosted flexibility camer profile design. Brand-new larger ventilation holes located in between the cylinder bores are enhanced to 41mm for diminished internal pumping pressure and reduced mechanically losses. Brand-new Idle Speed regulate (ISC) device for improved cold starting, continuous idle quality and reduced emissions. Brand-new S-DMS engine management system permits the rider to choose from three engine settings to complement riding conditions with a handlebar an installed switch. New high volume Suzuki progressed Exhaust device (SAES) with creative under engine chamber causing a new big volume muffler v a new distinctly shaped triangular silencer. Under deceleration the back torque limiting clutch reduces pressure on the clutch plates because that smoother downshifting and corner entry. New hydraulic electronic came chain tensioner instantly adjusts if reducing noise and mechanical losses. New clutch cover and oil pan feature new internal ribs for increased rigidity and reduced engine noise. Suzuki Exhaust Tuning device is constructed into the mid-pipe making use of a servo-controlled butterfly valve to song the exhaust system to match engine rpm and improving low finish torque. Brand-new ignition coil outer diameter is smaller sized for reduced weight and the starter motor uses new rare planet magnets for a compact lightweight design. Sharp new bodywork style features one aggressive new look featuring a bold brand-new headlight design and a new angular tail ar for the new GSX-R600. New electronically regulated steering damper supplies a solenoid valve to relocate a tapered needle reducing or boosting oil flow to change damping force. New three headlight layout features a projector low beam and also multi-reflector headlamps for left and also right beams creating improved irradiate distribution. Brand-new lightweight actors aluminum wheel featuring a brand-new angled spoke design for enhanced rigidity, decreased unsprung weight and improved acceleration. Brand-new diecast aluminum chair rail features an updated two piece design for decreased weight. Lightweight Tokico single piston behind brake caliper is an installed on a new rear caliper bracket for ease of maintenance once removing the behind wheel or working on the rear brake. New fuel tank features a GSX-R1000 motivated design and also fuel volume is increased to 17 liters. Aggressive brand-new overall style features a well balanced combination of compactness v high power look of a GSX-R.

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Chassis Features

an aluminum-alloy framework utilizing five actors sections is engineered to supply the right balance of rigidity for enhanced handling and less weight. Braced aluminum alloy swingarm is rigid with a huge swingarm pivot and the swingarm assembly is designed because that optimum suspension feedback and the behind wheel traction. Innovative behind suspension linkage functions a forged aluminum alloy link and one item forged aluminum alloy attach rod design to boost traction and reduce next loads. Reverse 41mm Showa former forks are completely adjustable for rebound, compression and also preload settings with optimum rake and trail dimensions for tremendous cornering performance. Showa 46mm aluminum alloy rear shock functions a 16mm stick is completely adjustable because that rebound, high and low speed compression and preload damping. Radial mount 4 piston former brake calipers functions with brand-new lightweight 310mm former brake rotors and also a revised prior brake master cylinder. New three way adjustable footpegs now function die-cast construction and can be moved into three various positions through a 14mm horizontal and also vertical range. The compact lightweight tool cluster features a action motor regulated analog tach, LCD speedometer, double tripmeters, clock, fuel reserve and also a equipment position indicator.