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March 18, 2019

The examine engine light can feel prefer something that a mystery. Together a catch-all light that allows you know that something in your engine must be checked, you understand it"s vital . . . But the details aren"t always clear. And also however funny mysteries might be to read around or watch on TV, castle aren"t nearly as enjoyable as soon as they"re at your expense. At Carter Subaru Shoreline, we desire to assist demystify this troublesome tiny light. Below are four crucial things the you should know if the check engine irradiate in her Subaru come on.

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4. If the examine Engine irradiate Is Steady, There"s likely No immediate Danger

A steady check engine irradiate is no something the you should ignore, since it can influence the performance, efficiency, and also cleanliness of your engine. However, if the irradiate is solid, it"s most likely not an emergency that"s putting you or your car in instant danger. Nevertheless, you must schedule a company appointment as soon as you can. Even concerns that aren"t emergencies deserve to grow and become worse if they"re overlooked or ignored.


3. If the inspect Engine irradiate Is Flashing, There"s one Emergency

A blinking examine engine light, ~ above the other hand, means that your Subaru is in danger. This is often caused by a serious misfire in the engine, which has dumped unburned fuel right into your vehicle"s exhaust system. A misfire like this one can damage materials like the catalytic converter, i m sorry is expensive come replace. If the inspect engine light is flashing, you need to turn your automobile off as quickly as you deserve to safely perform so, and also have the towed come an authorized Subaru service center.


2. Have actually the password Read

If a examine engine irradiate is a mystery, the technicians in ~ an authorized Subaru service center room the tireless detectives who can track down the culprit. Once you bring your Subaru come Carter Subaru Shoreline, our technicians will usage a Subaru-specific password reader come diagnose simply what it is that"s bring about your vehicle to rotate the check engine light on. They"ll let you recognize how ideal to proceed.

However, over there is one much more thing the you have the right to do prior to bringing her Subaru in. . . .

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1. Inspect the Gas Cap

If the examine engine light is solid and also you"ve freshly stopped in ~ the gas station, it"s a good idea to first make certain that the gas lid is screwed ~ above tightly. If it"s too loose, it might turn ~ above the examine engine light. Simply tighten that a bit an ext and check the irradiate again after ~ a little time. If the irradiate goes away, you might well have solved your problem! If not, the technicians at Carter Subaru coastline will be glad to help.