Chjulianum.net surname propan-2-ol Chjulianum.net id CHjulianum.net:17824 definition A an additional alcohol that is propane in which among the hydrogens attjulianum.nethed come the central carbon is substituted by a hydroxy group. Stars This entity has been manually annotated through the Chjulianum.net Team. secondary Chjulianum.net IDs CHjulianum.net:8467, CHjulianum.net:43588, CHjulianum.net:14897, CHjulianum.net:26280 Supplier information Download Molfile XML SDF >","more frameworks >>

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Formula C3H8O
Net fee 0
median Mass 60.09502
Monoisotopic fixed 60.05751
InChI InChI=1S/C3H8O/c1-3(2)4/h3-4H,1-2H3

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Chjulianum.net Ontology
Outgoing propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) has role protic solvent (CHjulianum.net:48356) propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) is a an additional alcohol (CHjulianum.net:35681) propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) is a secondary fatty alcohol (CHjulianum.net:167095)
just arrived (S)-1-(2,5-xylyloxy)-3-morpholinopropan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:41617) has functional parental propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:63104) has julianum.nettually functional parental propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) isopropyl 3-hydroxybut-2-enoate (CHjulianum.net:38868) has functional parent propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) isopropyl ester (CHjulianum.net:35725) has julianum.nettually functional parental propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) monoisopropyl phthalate (CHjulianum.net:132587) has functional parental propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824) trimethyl(1-methylethoxy)silane (CHjulianum.net:76336) has functional parental propan-2-ol (CHjulianum.net:17824)

Synonyms sources
1-methylethanol ChemIDplus
1-methylethyl alcohol ChemIDplus
2-hydroxypropane ChemIDplus
2-Propanol KEGG link
i-propanol NIST Chemistry WebBook
i-Propylalkohol NIST Chemistry WebBook
IPA NIST Chemistry WebBook
Isopropanol KEGG link
isopropil ALCOHOL PDBeChem
isopropil alcohol ChemIDplus
isopropil alcohol KEGG link
Isopropylalkohol Chjulianum.net
Propan-2-ol KEGG compound
propan-2-ol UniProt
sec-propanol NIST Chemistry WebBook

hands-on Xrefs Databases
4215 DrugCentral
C00048438 KNApSjulianum.netK
C01845 KEGG compound
c0519 UM-BBD
D00137 KEGG medicine
DB04402 DrugBank
HMDB0000863 HMDB
ISO-PROPANOL Metjulianum.netyc
Isopropyl_Alcohol Wikipedia
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Registry number types resources
1464 Gmelin registry Number Gmelin
635639 Beilstein registry Number Beilstein
635639 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys
67-63-0 CAS registry Number KEGG link
67-63-0 CAS it is registered Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
67-63-0 CAS it is registered Number ChemIDplus

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